Get Rid of Body Hair

Get Rid of Body HairThere are 2 basic categories for body hair removal, depilatory and epilatory. Epilation is when the entire hair is removed to include the part under the skin and depilation means that only the hair above the skin is removed. The hair that covers the body is called vellus hair and there are some people who have more visible or dense hair than others. There are many women who have a high level of male hormones which is the reason why they have facial hair and dense body hair.

Some of the methods to get rid of body hair are temporary, a few are costly clinical procedures, and there is a way to naturally and permanently stop the growth of unwanted hair.

Body Hair Removal Methods

Trimming. Use a pair of clippers with an adjustable guard like a beard trimmer to cut off the unwanted hair.

Shaving. Using a razor, shave off the unwanted hair in the same direction as the growth or you might get razor burn.

Plucking. Apply ice to the desired area and pluck out one hair at a time using a pair of tweezers. This may only be done to get rid of hair in small areas like the armpits.

Threading. A cotton thread is twisted around the hair to be removed and pulled out. This can be done by beauty salons that offer this ancient hair removal method.

Get Rid of Body HairWaxing. Wax is heated and applied to the desired area and when it cools, the wax is stripped off the remove the hair stuck to it.

Depilatories. Hair removal creams can be spread over the unwanted body hair to dissolve it and is washed off after a short period of time.

Laser hair removal. An intense, pulsing light is used to heat the treatment area to damage the hair follicle to stop hair growth. It takes several sessions and maintenance treatments are necessary.

Electrolysis. A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle to stop the growth using chemicals or heat, and the hair is removed with tweezers. A series of treatments is required to get rid of body hair.

Growth inhibitor. After the unwanted body hair is removed by plucking, waxing, or threading, the growth inhibitor is applied. It provides pain relief and will inhibit the regrowth of new hair. Kalo Hair Inhibitor is a natural product, and it is a highly effective way to slow down the rate of hair regrowth, will reduce hair density, and the user will experience no pain. After using the growth inhibitor for a certain period of time, the treated area will have no more hair regrowth.

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