How to Bake Brownies

How to Bake BrowniesWant to make some yummy brownies? It’s quick and easy to make these delicious treats and you will be able to come out with a perfect batch nearly every time. When it comes to baking, the first rule that has to be followed is all the ingredients have to be measured out accurately and all recipes have to be followed to the letter. If you make brownies from scratch, these are the things that you have to do. If you’re using a mix, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the box and pop it in the oven.

Another thing that you need to do before taking out the brownies from the oven is to test if they are done. When the necessary cooking time is up, don’t turn off the oven right away. Pull out the baking pan carefully with a pair of oven mitts, lay it on the counter, and insert a toothpick in the middle of the baked product. If the toothpick comes out clean without any sticky dough the brownie is done. If the toothpick has still some dough then you have to cook the brownies for a little longer and repeat the test after a few minutes to ensure that they are cooked.

Brownies have to be cooled while in the baking pan. They are not flipped over, to take them out of the pan, nor do you have to take out the entire brownie for it to cool on a rack. The way to line a pan before putting in the mix is to get a cold slab of butter and use this to grease the pan, evenly on all sides. This will add taste to the finished product. The older style aluminum pans have to be treated this way as you cannot bake brownies with a wax paper, foil, or parchment paper lining. Without coating the bottom and the sides of the baking pan it will be impossible to cut the brownie while in the pan and take it out without it falling apart.

How to Bake BrowniesThe newer kind of pans are non-stick. You may still choose to coat the pan with butter to add taste to your finished product or just bake it as is. When the brownies have cooled, use a serrated bread knife to cut it into even portions. Usually there will be crumbs that appear on the top of the crunchy or moist brownie and these have to be brushed off.

It is possible not to have to divide the brownies into serving sizes after it is baked if using the Perfect Brownie baking pan, that has dividers already sectioning each portion. When you pour in the mix into these kinds of pans each and every serving will look like it was done in an individual serving pan and there will be no crumbs from having to cut it with a knife. This means that there will be no corner brownies and everything will look perfectly the same. All the sides will be flat and made for better presentation. This special baking pan can also be used to bake cakes and other kinds of baked goodies.