How to Bake Cookies

How to Bake CookiesCookies are fun and easy to make. Baking is an art of exact measurements and if you follow the recipe, use the right baking equipment, then you’ll be able to come out with batches of wonderful looking and great tasting cookies.

If you have an oven at home, you might want to try to bake your own batch of cookies. To be able to bake cookies, there are a few steps that you have to take:

1. Find a recipe, buy a mix, or use a frozen cookie dough.

2. Get the baking equipment ready based on the recipe.

3. Prepare all you ingredients. Make sure they are complete and measured out properly.

4. Prepare the dough according to recipe or ready-mix directions. If you are using a frozen dough this step can be skipped.

5. Shape the dough according to the kind of recipe that you are using, place in a baking sheet and cook in an oven.

6. After the dough is cooked take out the baking sheets from the oven with the use of a pair of oven mitts. You may have to cool the cookies on these sheets or on a wire wrack depending on what the recipe requires.

How to Bake CookiesThere are 5 different kinds of cookies. The first 3 which are dropped, molded, and refrigerator cookies need no special equipment to be shaped.

Cookie cutters are to be used to make rolled cookies, and pressed cookies can only be created with the use of a cookie press. After rolled and press cookies are baked, they can be decorated with icing. sugar, food coloring, or other similar types of decorating methods.

To be able to come out with wonderful-looking cookies, those in the beginning or intermediate level of baking can opt to use complete set of cookie cutters and cookie press that has attachments with various patterns so long strips of dough can be shaped into rounds, squared and more. The Press Dough set also includes frosting tips, flour shakers, spatulas, cutting wheels, rolling pins and a cookie recipe book to provide you nearly all the equipment needed to bake cookies. Even children can be able to make great baked goodies with using this set of baking equipment.