How to Be a Potterhead

First things first. You cannot be a Potterhead if you only watched the movies. Yes, you can be called a fan but never be a Potterhead. You have to have read all seven books, read them A LOT of times, watch all eight movies, and may have cried when anyone died especially on the last movie. The difference between an animangi, metamorphagus, and a patronus is also a must know to be a Potterhead.

If you wish to show everyone how much of a Potterhead you are, wear merchandise such as a shirt of what Hogwarts house would you be in.

You may choose what school you can be as there are more than just Hogwarts.

Hogwarts is in Scotland, and most students who go there usually live in London, Scotland, or Ireland. Durmstrang is somewhere most likely cold due to the fact fur is part of the uniform. It’s probably somewhere Norway or Sweden, and it’s rumoured that they teach Dark Arts to the students. Beauxbatons holds mainly French students so is most likely somewhere in southern France. Beauxbaton students are have incredibly good table manners especially since they live in a slightly uptight atmosphere.

The Salem Witches Institute is located in the United States of America. Brazilian Wizarding school is in Brazil, of course. There are two in Great Britain known as Charm School and Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts (W.A.D.A). The Triwizard tournament only goes to the three most known schools which are Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang.

Good knowledge of Harry Potter is a must as well – but the most important thing is that you love Harry Potter and all that there is about it and how J.K. Rowling wrote it.

A Potterhead loves it more than knows what written and how the movie showed. And a Potterhead is one that obsesses over it, so thats a lot of love!

There are the guidelines to be a Potterhead. It’s a not a difficult thing to do and you will enjoy every step it takes to be one of the greatest Potterheads in the world.

It never ends.

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