How to Beat the Smoking Ban

There are “No Smoking” signs nearly everywhere. Most of us are aware of the regulations that state that smoking is not allowed in many places. The smoking ban cramps up smokers into small and stuffy rooms where one can cut the air with a knife because of the thick smoke. What’s a smoker to do to get to beat the ban? There is a way to do it without having to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

You might already have an idea that the suggested way to get around the smoking ban is to use an electronic cigarette. These devices are getting very popular now as more and more people are making the switch for various reasons.

The initial allure of electronic cigarettes is the fact that it can be used in some areas where smoking is prohibited. That’s because it emits a cloud of water vapor instead of tobacco smoke. The water vapor is practically odorless and does not pollute the atmosphere.

Electronic cigarettes mimic nearly all the actions a smoker would have except that it doesn’t have to be lit up and there is no need to use an ashtray.

When a person tries to quit smoking, they might have a difficult time because nicotine is addicting. It may contain nicotine which is why it is a good alternative. Since electronic cigarettes have nicotine level choices, the cravings are satisfied. These devices are ideal to be used to gradually reduced nicotine intake until the body does not search for it anymore.

Have you ever tried to use an electronic cigarette? You might be surprised because there is a whole new world of flavor. Instead of inhaling tobacco or menthol flavored smoke, you could be taking pleasure in the taste sensation of various flavors. Wouldn’t you like to be enjoying the taste of chocolate or cheesecake – and knowing each puff you take is calorie free? Choose among hundreds of ready-to-use flavors or make your own taste sensation with a DIY kit.

Electronic cigarettes come in various styles and designs. There are disposable ones that are usually equivalent to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. There are the high-performance devices that would last you for as long as three days without recharging. There are also electronic pipes and electronic cigars for the more mature people or for those who want to look posh and fancy.

Electronic cigarettes are the alternative products that you have been looking for which can help you get away with smoking even if there is a no smoking sign.

One thought on “How to Beat the Smoking Ban

  1. As a UK supplier of electronic cigarettes, I disagree strongly with promoting electronic cigarettes as a nicotine cessation product. There is, at best, only anecdotal evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are effective in overcoming nicotine addiction.

    E-cigarettes are a SAFER ALTERNATIVE to smoking tobacco but are just as addictive as the real thing.

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