How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

How To Become a Real Life C.S.I.

Are you wondering on how to become a crime scene investigator? Did you ever consider the possibility of becoming a FBI Special Agent? This is a career choice that is worth exploring.

FBI Special Agent

To be appointed as a Special Agent, you have to be at least 23 years old but not older than 37. There is a 2 year probationary assignment after you graduate the FBI training course and after this period, you will be an official FBI special agent. After 20 years in this career, you will be eligible to retire. There is a forced retirement age of 57.

What To Expect

As a law enforcement official, you have to be prepared to give up your personal life at a moment’s notice. You might be assigned to investigate crimes such as cyber crime, organized syndicates, corruption, financial crimes, extortion, or robbery. FBI Special Agents are key players in our fight against terrorism, drug-trafficking, kidnapping, to hunt down fugitives, protectors of civil rights, and as foreign counterintelligence agents.

Be Prepared

If you are interested in become part of one this agency and be one of the best crime scene investigators, you will have to be a four-year degree graduate from a university or college that is accredited by the United States Secretary of Education. The candidate must possess a bachelor or masters degree in criminal justice, or in accounting, finance, engineering, science or foreign languages. This agency will only choose the best candidates for their rigorous training program and those who are have the right education.

To be ready to enter into the highest level of crime scene investigation, you may have to enter into an accredited FBI college to earn the required degree. Consider taking a criminal justice degree as this would prepare you to undertake the specialized tasks of a FBI Special Agent. You may be able to look at the criminal justice degree syllabus online for free.

To find the right FBI college to suit your need, it is possible to request for some information about just exactly what the criminal justice degree program will give you. There are a few sites that will give you the information that you need. Take the time to study what a criminal justice degree program can do for you for you to be able to become a crime scene investigator.

Be Serious

Becoming a crime scene investigator is a career choice that should not be taken lightly. For you to be a FBI Special Agent, you will have to go through a special training program after the selection process. The intensive FBI training will teach you the skills you need depending on the assignment that may be given to you.

You might have complete weapons training aside from being taught how to fight. There is also a chance that you might spend part of your training with the CIA. FBI training is rigorous and you will be fine tuned until you are finally able to become a FBI agent. Take the first step towards your career as a crime scene investigator and find out more about the criminal justice degree program from an accredited FBI college.

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