How to Block Caller ID

Have you ever wanted to disguise your call for privacy reasons? Just more than a decade ago, caller ID was an unheard of thing. Now, nearly all phones and cell phones have caller ID and if your number is stored, when you call up the person, it will be identified as you. Many people refuse to pick up a phone call from an unidentified number but there are a number of ways for you to deal with this problem and block caller ID.

You can place in a block code before the 10-digit number you are calling in the US and Canada. Just place a block code, which is *67 in front of the 10-digit number and what will be seen on the receiving end are the words “caller ID blocked”. If you do not want to do this, you can request your service provider to block the caller ID of your all outgoing calls. If your cell phone can make calls via voice mail, by using this option, the caller ID will be effectively blocked.

It is possible to go around the caller ID system by making the phone call from some other unit, by the use of Skype calls, or by using a prepaid phone card. When you use a prepaid card, you can actually change the name to be shown of the caller ID. This is what is known as spoofing and is the one of the most fun ways to play a prank on a friend. Spoofing caller ID is one of the safest pranks that you can do.

Originally, spoofing caller ID was used by law enforcement agencies and debt collectors. There where also some telemarketers that spoofed their calls but it was not an effective marketing technique. The reason why the police and other investigative agencies used spoofing was to be able to get the person to answer the phone and track them down. Debt collectors used this to be able to check the veracity of the contact number and to be able to contact the one who had the loan, who would typically avoid a collector’s call.

Spoofing is not to be used for any kind of illegal activity and the has been recent legislation passed in a number of states restricting the use of spoofing caller ID. Spoofing is legal and allowed but there are some unscrupulous individuals who have use a spoof call card to fool people. There are many valid reasons why a person would need to spoof a call but the most common way that people use it is to pull a prank. As with many things, it is because of the way some people abuse a product that gives it a bad name.

Spoof cards can be used on nearly every kind of phone, even VOIP and cell phone units. There is also an option to record the spoof call conversation and you will be able to play back the recorded call. It will give you the enjoyment of sharing your prank call with some of your friend. It’s easy to make a spoof call – all that you need is a phone and something to fake your caller ID. After accessing the internet, you would type in your number, the number that you are calling and another number which is the spoof caller ID number.

So when you call something using this technique, you can specify block your caller ID and phone number, or even pay a fee so you can customize and show whatever name and phone number to show up in the caller ID.

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