How to Block Websites in Mozilla Firefox

How to Block Websites in Mozilla FirefoxThere are a few ways to block websites in Mozilla Firefox. Some of the methods are free and can enable you to block a large number of websites. There are ways that are more effective because it can stop the access of websites that can be accessed from search engine results and prevent a user from going to certain sites. When protecting the Internet usage of a computer, prevention is the best way to do so. It is humanly impossible to block all unwanted websites and it quite impossible to monitor all the sites that a user can access. With the proper controls placed in, blocking websites can be done more effectively and efficiently.

Add on extensions such a FoxFilter does work to block sites, but can be disabled by a user. There are some extensions that would be more difficult to disable, yet like FoxFilter, it cannot stop the accessing of all unwanted and unknown sites. It is also possible to block websites by when connected to the Internet by clicking on the Tools Tab, choosing Options and going to the Privacy Tab. In the Cookies Pane, make sure that the Accept Cookies box is has a checked, then click on the Exceptions Buttons and typing in the URL of the site to be blocked. This method is effective but the problem is that it can be disabled and it cannot prevent access to all undesirable sites.

How to Block Websites in Mozilla FirefoxAnother method that is commonly used to blocking access to a site configuring the Windows HOST file, which can store an enormous number of URL that should not be accessed. Yet, even if you add the websites that you want to block, there are more in similar categories that can be accessed. To block a site this way, go to the HOST file, which can be found at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC of Windows XP and Vista, Open HOSTS with notepad, and under the line “ Localhost”, type the URL you want to block like this example: Close the notepad when done, and test if the site was effectively blocked by rebooting the computer and trying to access the particular website.

Router filtering is another way to block websites and this is the most common method used by school systems and government office to limit the Internet use. The advantage of using a router filter is that multiple computers can use one router. There is an option to use a third party filtering service to block sites more efficiently. The way to block sites in general according to categories that you don’t want can easily be done with the use of certain software. One the most popular website blocking software is Net Nanny and NetDog, specifically created to block pornographic sites and does not require constant updating of unwanted URL’s. Finding a highly efficient website blocking software that can block sites using specific keyword will protect your Internet by not allowing access to certain websites, whether you are familiar with the URL or not. With thousands of undesirable sites on the Internet, these kinds of software can help make sure that surfing the net is safe for your children.

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