How to Build a Wind Generator

How to Build a Wind GeneratorGlobal warming is now one of the things that worries us in our day to day life. Carbon emission of power plants is a big factor that affects global warming. Electricity bills are also gradually increasing. What you need is a sustainable way to get power and save some cash too. Building your own wind generator can help lower your carbon emissions as well as increase your savings in the long run. Follow these instructions to build your own wind generator:

  1. You have to find a good spot to put your wind generator. Make sure that the area you choose will position your wind generator 30 feet above any obstruction within a 400 foot radius.
  2. Determine the direction where the wind blows most often. You can ask your local airport for tips or just observe your area for a couple of days. You can also buy an anemometer to determine the wind speed.
  3. The body can be made with either wood, plastic or steel. One end can be welded on a steel plate in which the motor is mounted. A hole is drilled in the middle for sight clearance, and the other holes are drilled to match the motor’s mounting brackets.
  4. The tail can be made with either wood, plastic or steel. It is a square piece around a quarter of the length of the body. So if the body is around 40 inches long, the tail would be around 10×12 inches. Remember that it has to be large enough to turn the wind generator toward the direction the wind is blowing.
  5. The motor needs to be a permanent magnet motor. It is able to produce high volts at a low rpm.
  6. The blades are most commonly made from PVC pipes. Different lengths and widths depend on the size of the motor. Make sure that the blades are not too short, because this will keep the wind generator stationary. The three blades need to be 180 degrees apart when mounted on the circular steel plate.
  7. The tower can vary from radio masts or street pole. But you can also use steel or PVC pipes depending on the size of your wind generator. Make sure that the tower is securely planted and will be able to support the full weight of your wind generator.
  8. The cable is a 10 or 20 gauge extension lead that is wired to the motor and the cable is tied to the outside of the tower. Don’t worry because it is very rare that wind generators turn a full 360 degrees. A diode has to be placed in the circuit in case the wind stops so that the discharge of batteries won’t stop.

How to Build a Wind GeneratorMake sure to check your wind generator every so often for any sun damage or corrosion and replace parts when needed so that you can maximize the efficiency of your wind generator. There is a more detailed guide that will teach you how to make one for less than $100 and will give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own wind generator. In a few easy steps, you can save money and save the planet too.

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