How to Carbonate Water

Carbonated water is the key to delicious sodas, fruit drinks, and other beverages. The simple soda drink gets its unique fizzy taste through the presence of carbonated water. Carbonated water is water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved, a process that causes the water to become effervescent. The process might sound complicated but making carbonated water by yourself is quick and easy.

In carbonating water you need to have a home soda maker machine. Soda Stream offers various types of soda maker machines that will fit your requirements. Some of the soda makers models from Soda Stream include the Fountain Jet, Pure, Genesis, Penguin, Crystal, and Fizz – click here to visit

Some soda makers from SodaStream contain the standard 14.5 oz cylinder that can carbonate 60 liters of water while other models have 33 oz cylinder that is capable of carbonating 130 liters of water. They also have a “stay fizzy” feature. Each soda maker includes reusable carbonating bottle where you will use to make soda or seltzer water. The best thing about these soda makers is that they do not require electricity or battery to operate. It can also help you conserve energy and reduce pollution as you will no longer be disposing of pop cans or bottles. These machines are also portable so you can make carbonated water within seconds anywhere you go.

To use your soda maker machine, simply install the carbonator cylinder inside the machine and its ready to go. To carbonate your water, you need to pour a cold tap water or cold filtered water into your carbonating bottle. Place the carbonating bottle in the SodaStream machine and fix it properly but not too tight. After securing the carbonating bottle, you need to press the button at the top of the soda maker machine until three ‘buzz’ noises are heard. Pushing the button will allow the fizz and carbon dioxide to be dispensed into the water. You will have your carbonated water within 30 seconds. However if you like your carbonated water to be more fizzy, you can press the button more than 3 times. When you are done you can remove the bottle from the soda maker machine and drink it as is or you can also add flavors to it. The carbonated water produced by the soda maker machine is said to be tastier compared to the carbonated water from the store, and is always fresh!

You can enjoy your own carbonated water by simply following these simple steps. By making your own carbonated water, you can save money and you can also help the environment during the process.

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