How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Marriages fall apart for several reasons. Some couples end the relationship because they fell out of love, others due to abuse. However the most common reason why couples choose to end the marriage is because of a cheating spouse.

How to catch a cheating spouse? Several methods can be used to catch a cheating spouse. Hiring a detective is one of them. Others also do the tracking on their own when there is suspicion of cheating. Another effective method is through the use of AccuTracking.

What is AccuTracking? AccuTracking is a software that turns cell phones into a GPS tracking device. This online GPS cell phone tracking service provides real-time locations, speed, and headings of family members or even vehicles. AccuTracking is a low-cost locator of people and vehicles.

AccuTracking supports a number of cell phone models such as Android, Motorola iDEN GPS-enabled Java cell phones from Nextel or Boost Mobile, Most Blackberries and Window Mobile phones with GPS, some Symbian models, and other Java phones. AccuTracking supports any carrier except Verizon. When it comes to countries supported by AccuTracking, as long as there are phone companies that support the cell phone models compatible with AccuTracking, then the software can be used.

AccuTracking has several features, which makes it an effective tracking software to catch a cheating spouse. It can provide web-based and phone-to-phone tracking, mapping, location, speed, heading, and altitude to easily locate where the spouse is. As soon as the software is activated, the person’s whereabouts can be tracked down right away.

The software can also provide Geofence, speed, 30 day history data, road satellite and topo maps, and low battery alerts through email or SMS. Export to CSV or Google Earth KML and virtual compass showing moving direction are possible with AccuTracking as well as periodical or manual GPS reporting and cell tower location reporting.

The users can also have live location sticker embedded in own web site, sub-account (view-only account), MapPoint and REST API support, and customizable sending intervals. With the use of AccuTracking, messaging from cell phone, locating clients faster with Hot GPS option, and Smart Sending option to reduce network usage are also provided.

How to catch a cheating spouse using AccuTracking? Turning the cell phone into a GPS tracking device with AccuTracking can be done in 3 easy steps. The first step is to install the software in the cell phone that you want to track. After software installation, the next step is to register with AccuTracking. Once registration is complete, the GPS tracking is now online and can then be used to track a cheating spouse.

For individuals who do not have a phone yet or do not know how to install the software, a pre-setup starter kit can be purchased. The kit contains a phone and an AccuTracking Quick Start Guide to activate the phone online using Boost Mobile and start the online tracking. In this starter kit, the AccuTracking software is pre-installed and configured on the phone. The kit also comes with car and home charger, a ready-to-use activated tracking account, and a free tracking service for the first month.

GPS tracking with AccuTracking costs less so users need not worry about the expenses since it is affordable. Expensive devices are not needed as well when using AccuTracking. The software is easy to use and will not leave users feeling frustrated when trying to use it. An unlimited 24/7 online tracking is also possible with AccuTracking. Users can take advantage of this feature to be able to get maximum result when it comes to tracking down a spouse who is suspected of cheating.

Aside from tracking down individuals such as cheating partners, AccuTracking can also be used for vehicle security and car crime prevention. As a car locator, installing extra accessories might also be needed.

Individuals who are still clueless on how to catch a cheating spouse can try the GPS tracking with AccuTracking.

At, individuals interested in using AccuTracking will be provided everything there is to know about the software. First time users of AccuTracking can browse through for answers concerning the use of the software. Existing users can also visit the site for related concerns that need immediate attention.

Click Here to visit, the only place you can find AccuTracking software and services. The site is organized and easy to browse. There are specific pages for services, product features, support, forums, pricing, and store to mention a few. Each page is packed with the necessary information that customers need. Ordering the software, services, and other accessory products at AccuTracking is easy. The customers only need to click on the Add to Cart link to submit an order after choosing a specific product.

AccuTracking is a pay-as-you-go service, which means that contracts, monthly bills, automatic re-billing, re-activation fee, and hidden charges are not applicable. If the customers decide to continue with the service after the 30-day period, they can re-charge their accounts (minimum one month) with AccuTracking’s easy online payment system.

Interested in using the AccuTracking software to catch a cheating spouse? Click the highlighted text in the paragraph above – put an ease to your stress and find out how you can Know the Truth Now. With AccuTracking, catching a cheating spouse need not be expensive and burdensome.

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