How to Cheat a Polygraph Test (Lie Detector)

Knowing that you need to take a polygraph test can be scary – even for people who may not have done anything wrong. The fact that you are hooked up to a machine that is specifically designed to catch you in a lie is incredibly intimidating, but there are some effective methods to help you cheat a polygraph test if you’re ever put in a position where you must take one.

Be prepared to remain cool, calm and collected, regardless of the question asked. Focus on answering every single question in the exact same tone and fashion and focus on breathing evenly through the entire test. If your respiration doesn’t change, your blood pressure doesn’t fluctuate and you don’t succumb to your nerves regardless of the question, it will be difficult for the machine to tell if you are lying.

Another route to go would be to let your nervousness completely get the best of you. Answering every single question that the tester asks in a spastic or exaggerated manner would ultimately end in the same result that remaining calm throughout would. It will completely throw off the machines readings for your answers to what are supposed to be control questions and make it very difficult for the tester to determine whether you are telling the truth or lying.

Really anything that alters the intended reading of the control questions can affect the result of a polygraph test – if you cause yourself physical pain, think of things that make your blood boil or if you’ve figured out a way to manipulate your heart rate during the control questions you should be able to cheat a polygraph.

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