How to Clean Car Windows

How to Clean Car WindowsHaving streak free and crystal clear car glass windows can help your drive with more ease. Sometimes, there can even be rainbow circles surrounding the bright lights that you see at night or some distortion. Clean car windows can help lessen the risk of accidents as you will have better visibility. Though you may have the car washed regularly, cleaning car windows has to be done more often than washing the whole car. This is a task that can be done to perfection, giving you the auto detailing clean windows that you desire.

To clean car windows, you must have the right car window cleaning supplies. It is no possible to use the same liquid soap that is used to clean the car and expect good results. There are automotive glass cleaners that you can use and a few of these are specially formulated for tinted glass. Some of the more popular cleaners contain ammonia but these have to be used with care as this chemical can damage the interior vinyl, leather or rubber of the vehicle. Before using the glass cleaner, read the instructions as some of them need to be diluted. One of the main causes of streaks in car windows is highly concentrated window cleaning solutions. When some of the liquid ingredients of car window cleaners evaporate, residue will be left behind, dry up and leave steaks.

The next piece of cleaning equipment that you need is a lint-free towel. There are certain kinds of cloth that will leave lint on the glass and instead of having sparkling clean car windows, you will have some fuzz on it. There are different kinds of towels that can be used like a cotton surgical towel, a micro fiber towel, or the highly absorbent ShamWow towel. Newspapers were commonly used to clean glass but since they are no longer kerosene based, they cannot attain the desired results.

How to Clean Car WindowsTo take out the water from the glass, you may use a plastic squeegee or a car window cleaning tool with a long handle and a provision on one end to hold the towel firmly in place and enable you to reach all the corners of the front, back and side windows with ease. The most difficult part of cleaning car windows is doing the inside part of the front and rear windows and with the right car window cleaning tool, cleaning car windows can be done to auto detailing perfection.

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