How to Cure Pink Eye

Pink Eye Remedy – How To Treat Pink Eye Yourself

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis and also Madras, is one of the most common eye disorders. The reason why it is called pink eye or sometimes as sore eyes is because of one of the symptoms which that the white part of the eye turns reddish. This condition is cause by viruses, bacteria, or allergies. Pink eye is not a serious eye disorder; the symptoms are quite irritating, mildly disabling, and unsightly. When treated, the symptoms will go away and the inner eyelid that gets inflamed from the various causes will be provided relief.


The most noticeable symptoms are when the white parts of the eye turn red. The eyes may also get very itchy or even feel like there is sand inside. The eyelids might get slight puffy to extremely enlarged from the inner eyelid inflammation. Blurry vision and also sensitivity to strong light may also occur. The tear duct may generate a whitish discharged that can dry up and get encrusted, making it difficult to open the eyes as the lashes will be held together by the dried up discharge.

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

There are 3 kinds of pink eyes and it is the bacterial and viral pink eye that is contagious. The bacteria or virus will spread mainly because of contact, which is why it most schools send home children that have this eye disorder. If it is bacterial, it will be contagious from the moment the symptoms appear until the whitish discharge is gone. If it is viral, it is contagious from the time the symptoms appear until they are all completely gone. The other type, allergic pink eye, is not at all contagious.

Prevention, Treatments and Relief

If the person has pink eye, there should be an extra effort made to be as sanitary as possible. Constant hand washing and using hand sanitizers will help reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses from spreading from one eye to another eye and to other people.

You can wash your eyes with warm water to reduce the itchiness and remove any discharge. This can be done by washing your face the ordinary way but making sure that you will not have the water from one eye goes to the other by tilting your head to one side while washing the eye on that side as you place your face over the sink. Using cotton balls dipped in warm water, wiping one eye and disposing the cotton ball after one use is another way to clean your eyes and prevent the spread of any bacteria or virus. Get another new cotton ball; repeat the process as needed, making sure to throw away the used cotton ball after being used.

The most recommended pink eye treatment is eye drops and using this will give the person a lot of relief from the severe itchiness that commonly occurs and may help soothe the inflamed eyelids. Since a person that has conjunctivitis should not at all touch or scratch their eyes, using eye drops can help relieve most of the symptoms. An ophthalmologist will prescribe the eye drops to be used for bacterial and viral pink eye, but if it for allergic pink eyes, you will be able to purchase allergy eye relief eye drops and even homeopathic eye drops that will greatly reduce the irritation and discomfort of the common symptoms of pink eye.

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