How to Cut Fondant Icing

Fondant is one of the most popular icings to decorate cakes and cupcakes. The smooth, satiny finish that can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes because of the way that fondant can be molded and cut is one of the reasons why it is typically used to make wedding cakes and sensational cupcakes. Fondant can be colored with the lightest pastel hues to deep rich tones. There are hardly any limits to the decoration you can make with fondant.

The most difficult part of creating fondant decorations is cutting out the shape after it has been rolled out. A clean, neat cut will make it look professional. The more detail your fondant cut has, the better presentation it can make. With the right tools, you can make those wonderful fondant decorated cakes and cupcakes like the ones in expensive bakeries.

The first instinct you might have when working with fondant icing is to cut it with a sharp knife. This is the oldest method in the book. What you need to do this method is a small sharp knife, a good eye for design, and a steady hand.

Another way you can cut fondant is with the use of fondant decorating tools. There are a variety of tools that look like long sticks with various decorating tips. Included in this kinds of tools is a fondant cutter that looks like a mini pizza wheel.

There are fondant mats that are also easy to use. These will enable you decorate a whole cake instantly. These mats have molded designs on it on one side. To use these mats are simple, just press it down on the rolled fondant, pull out, and the design will be there.

You can find special rolling pins that have various designs for cutting fondant. On the rolled fondant, use these like any rolling pin. The design will be imprinted on the fondant to cut it.

The newest way of cutting fondant is to use a machine that looks like a printer. The prepared fondant is placed on a mat. This is slipped into the machine which will make the fondant icing into cutouts.

A fondant icing cutting machine can be programmed to come out in a variety of sizes and shapes for example if your making a circle they can come out in different sizes by simply pressing a few keys. With over one thousand designs to choose from you can cut fondant perfectly every time to whatever shape or size you desire.

Working with fondant may be challenging but with the right tools, decorating a cake or cupcake will be easy and you can achieve professional looking results.

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