How to Fish With Lures

Catching fish with the use of a fishing lure will allow you to make a whole wide range of various fish species to bite the hook. Some of the species that you can catch are trout, tuna, bream, mackerel, flathead, cod, salmon and barramundi but nearly all species of fish will bite a realistic looking lure. Aside from this, you can get to catch different sizes of fish, depending on whether you cast a small, medium or large lure. Here are some of the essential things that you should know about lure fishing:

Spin the lure

When you cast your lure in to the depth, make the lure churn and stop, and keep on repeating this movement. Retrieval of the the lure is immediately done after this kind of casting motion, which will make the fish attracted to the ripples created by the lure. Keep your rod tip facing upwards as you do this.

Stop and go. Cast to a shallow depth, make the lure stay still for less than 30 seconds, and jerk it around. The movement that you are trying to imitate is that of game fish that move this way before swimming deeper and also that of frogs and salamanders. Let the lure sink and move it around, creating small jerks to make the fish notice the lure and bite it.

Different colored lures

If you have a good selection of colored lures, you will be able to cast the right one. There are days that fish will bite nearly anything, but sometimes because of the water condition, like if it is murky, dark, or has a lot of weeds, the fish will not notice the lure. There is also a need to have neon colored lures especially designed for night fishing, as when the moon is not bright, fish are more inclined to bite an lure that they can easily see.

Make your own fishing lure

They actually have kits and step by step books for creating your own lures; and with a touch of your own creativity you can ensure a realistic looking lure.The more your lure looks like real fish and can be made to swim imitating the movements of fish, the better your chances will be of catching more. There are soft plastic lures, metal lures, but the ones the professional fishermen prefer are minnow style lures. Take your time practicing the different moves you can create with your lure, trying your best to imitate the real swimming pattern of fish and other creatures that will make you coax the fish into biting the lure.

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