How to Get A Bigger Butt

If you want to get a bigger butt, you have to wear the right clothing to make your behind more appealing. Though you can workout and get to enlarge your butt so it will be more alluring and you will have more shape, it will take some time to get results. There are ways to go about getting your desired behind without having to resort to having plastic surgery and it will not cost a lot. By choosing what you wear, you will be able to get to have a bigger butt just by placing them right clothing items on such as:

1. Skirt bustles. Aside from being a framework to give the back of your skirt or dress a rounder and fuller look, it will pinch in your stomach, making you more curvaceous. Bustle skirts are in high fashion nowadays and you can find them being sold as mini, mid-thigh and longer lengths. If you are planning to wear a gown, choosing a design with a bustle skirt will surely enhance you backside.

2. A-line coats. A woolen coat that goes to your mid-thigh is called a peacoat, but there are many other lighter weight coat materials that can cover up a flat behind. You can wear A-line coats with tight jean or leggings to give a sharp contrast to the bottom of the coat.

3. Tulip or bell-shaped skirts. The flared out bottom of these kinds of skirts will make you appear to be more curve. The come in all lengths, colors and pattern designs that could add quite a feminine touch to your entire fashion style.

4. Sweaters with belts. If you have a long sweater, try placing a thick belt around your waist. The belt will add a curve to your shape while billowing out the material below the waist area. Practice different styles, and whether you wear a loose or belt, have an overlapping top part or the sweater is streamlined, make sure that the length of the sweater will cover up your butt.

5. Pants or shorts with back pockets. If the back pocket has a flap, so much the better. It will add to the overall look and emphasize your behind. Some back pockets are made with scrunched up fabric and these too will add to the way you look.

There are some instances that you can’t cover up your butt and the easiest way to get a bigger butt anytime is by wearing a support panty. There are padded panties out in the market today but their design is that of girdles and you cannot wear them with all kinds of outfits, like low waist, skimpy shorts, or even a bathing suit. The new kind of underwear that will give you a bigger butt will lift your butt cheeks and are bikini cut in design.

It works to raise your butt cheeks the same way a push up bra would, but from the top. The secret is in the high-tech material that will instantly do the clinching and the firming up of your behind with the comfort of its lightweight material, unlike that of padded granny girdles. Get the results that you want fast by choosing the right clothing items to wear.

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  1. I’m a girl. My height 164 cm and my weight is about 63 pounds and have large Astkhvanbndy and 23 years old and I want to be big Butt than surgery and Botox injections do you recommend another method? Please guide me Thank you

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