How to Get a Book Published

Guide To Getting A Book Published

There are many authors out there who have never been published or have been rejected by a number of publishers. It is rather frustrating but authors never give up. Being published and seeing your book for sale is the height of your career as a writer and it even gets better when you get income from it from royalty or book sales. Here is a guide on how to get your book published:

  1. Get it ready. The first thing that a reader or a publisher will notice is the misspelled words. If there are too much of it, a publisher will out rightly reject it. Make a concept of the book cover, add in the dedication and acknowledgement pages, or pictures. Try to present the book in its complete form so you can make a good presentation.
  2. Make copies. This is you work and it deserves quality material. From the paper that you print it on to the binder that you use, get the best kind that your money can buy. Keep one copy for yourself and make at least 3 more to submit. When you create a copy, you can make it into the size of the book that you would like to have, unless the submission requirements have been specified.
  3. Choose your options. You have 3 choices when it comes to getting your book published. Find a publisher, self-publish or make it into an e-book. You can generate income from any of the 3 ways and it will all be equally fulfilling. Many e-book authors have enjoyed the enormous profits from the internet, especially with how-to e-books.
  4. Just do it. Procrastinating will not get you anywhere. Have your book copyrighted then go submit it to the right publishing houses. Take the time to study the company, what their requirements are, and what kind of books they usually approve. Make a cover letter and send it in. Once your copies are ready, you have to just go for the win.
  5. Try again. J.K. Rowlings is one of the authors that got rejected several times before being published and is now famous for her “Harry Potter” series. If you are rejected, try to find out the reasons why and try to make another book or edit the existing one. Analyze what happened and take it in stride. With the right book, one among the many publishers will approve and print out your work.

Instant Self Publishing

PIY: Publish It Yourself!

Another popular option these days if you want to get a book published is to go ahead and publish the book yourself. There are many companies that cater to self-publishing and because of the advancements with technology, these self-publishing book services have become more affordable to writers, poets and authors alike. Check out some of these popular book publishing services for different options and compare them to see if self-publishing is an option for your work.

  • is on top when it comes to easy and affordable print-on-demand self-publishing services. Anyone publish a novel, or an eBook, and even comic books, photo books, and more. Lulu also helps authors sell and manage online book sales by providing you with sales and royalty tracking online. The great thing about Lulu is that the profit margin authors are able to earn as high as 80% profit per book sale.
  • CafePress is most popular for helping people design, create, and sell custom t-shirts, but CafePress also has a wide variety of other merchandise they offer custom printing on and among them include books. You get your own book published with as many or as few copies as you’d like with a few different options and binding available.
  • Amazon even offers publishing, distribution, and sales through one of their sections or affiliates. I have not used Amazon for getting a book published and do not know much more about this. Please email me if you have had experience.
  • Outskirts Press is a custom book publishing company that offers the both benefits of traditional publishing and independent self-publishing which includes book publishing, distribution, marketing, orders, and listings at other bookstores online.

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