How to Get Chapstick Out Of Clothes

Lets face it, we all have  done it, You go to the store and purchase tube of chapstick or your favorite lip balm and forgotten it in our pockets, or left in the dryer, or being outside in the hot sun to have your chapstick melt into a impossible stain.

How To Get Chapstick Stains Out Of Clothes:

  1. Use a credit card or card to scrape off all excess chapstick, go over the a few times to ensure all excess chapstick has been removed.
  2. Scrub and pre-treat the stain with any stain remover. Let it sit there for 30 minutes before you wash out the stain remover
  3. Use a heavy liquid soap and scrub vigorously under hot water and then send it through  a cycle in the washing machine

If the stain is still visible then try rubbing dish washing soap on stain and let it set overnight and then put it through a warm cycle in the washer machine. If the stain persist try repeating the process until the stain is no longer visible.

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