How to get Fluoride Free Drinking Water Without Distilling?

Pure, healthy, delicious tasting, drinking water that is has no additional chemicals like fluoride can be made without distilling. The concern about the intake of too much fluoride because it is added to our drinking water has made the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend that the amount it contains be lowered.

Fluoride is necessary as it does ensure healthy teeth but according to WebMD, “excess fluoride consumption during the tooth-forming years in children age 8 and younger may lead to dental fluorosis, a condition in which teeth can become streaked or spotty due to excess fluoride.”

Since fluoride can be obtained from certain food items and applied directly to the teeth, drinking water that is high in fluoride content might result in these dental problems. One of the ways to avoid the intake of water that is high in fluoride is to ensure that the water you drink has no chemicals.

The most common way water can be process to become fluoride free drinking water is by distilling. Yet, many people are not aware that there is another way to get rid of the fluoride in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.

High technology has brought us the latest appliances known as atmospheric water systems that will extract water from the air to purify it, resulting in fluoride free drinking water without distilling.

The water source of these atmospheric water systems is not from tap water or water forms, as it gathers the water vapor present in the air that surrounds us. This water vapor will go through a filtration process to make it into pure drinking water. There are a number of atmospheric water systems available in the market today, yet, you might want to choose one according to the number of stages that the water vapor passes through before it can become drinking water.

The typical atmospheric water system has a 4 stage filtration process but there is one specific type that has 12. These stages include charcoal, carbon, mineral, and post carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization. Owning an atmospheric water system is the sustainable solution to get fluoride free drinking water without distilling.

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