How to Get More Confidence

How to Build More Confidence

Having confidence is essential to feeling good about ones self. When you feel good you are confident in what you can do and achieve. When building more confidence, The first thing you need to do is recognizing your insecurities.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself.

  • What is voice inside your mind
  • Are you ashamed of anything?
  • Are you constantly feeling insecure or unworthy?

Talk to friends, family and loved ones. Get constructive criticism and different ways to improve your self, Take it as it comes. Learning to accept your self is a big step in building self esteem and confidence.

Remember that no one is perfect and neither are you. The most confident people in the world are still a little self conscious.

The next step is to identify your success and to highlight your strong points. Everyone has a special talent or is good at something, Discover what it is and take pride, Stride to be the best at what you do. Taking pride in what you do and in something that gives you the freedom to express yourself. If your not sure of what your good at or can’t find the passion for anything your good at, Try something new. Put yourself in a situation where you can learn and challenge your self, You might find something you enjoy doing.

An important key to building more confidence is to be greatfull for what you do have. Some times not having or needing more of something leads to the feeling of emotional invalidation. If you can start to appreciate what you do have, You can start fight the feelings of inadequacy.

When building more confidence staying positive is very important, You always want to think positive of yourself. Stay away from self pity, or the sympathy from other people. The only person that can make you feel inferior is you. If you continue to wallow in self pity all day, Other people will just feel pity for you. Always speak positive about yourself and others will think positive of you.

Most importantly, Learn to take a compliment. Some times this is the hardest thing for people. If you lack confidence you are used to thinking low of yourself and can’t see your self in a positive way. Take compliments to heart, and feel good about your self.

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