How to Get Rid of Ants

You may think of the ants that you see on the sidewalk or in your driveway as completely harmless, but if those very same ants work their way into your home they can end up being a serious hassle. If you’ve got food that’s not in the refrigerator or sealed tightly in a good container, ants have a way of finding it and getting into it and if that happens you could end up tossing a good portion of your weekly groceries into the garbage. Thankfully, there are a number of effective and affordable ways to get rid of ants that invade your home.

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If you want to go the completely safe and natural route to get rid of ants, you can spray full strength vinegar, baby powder or cinnamon around cracks, windows, doorways or any other places you think the ants may be coming in and the strong smell should help to keep ants from entering your home. If you can locate the ant hill, you can eliminate the problem by pouring a few kettles of boiling water down it to kill the ants.

If you can’t find the ant hill, but you want to eliminate the entire colony rather than just keeping them out, there are a wide variety of effective ant baits and traps available from hardware stores and supermarkets. All you have to do is place the baits around known areas of ant activity and the ants that enter will carry the poison contained within back to the ant hill for you.

Preventative maintenance is also a good solution to ant infestations – if you caulk around doors and windows, seal up holes around pipes and fix cracks in your foundation, ants will have far fewer ways to gain entry into your home. Regular clean up of messes and after meals will also go along way in helping you get rid of ants.

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  1. Leaf cutter Ants – It’s awful ample when they increase their ant colony dwelling spots involving the breaks in your walls and far far more horrible when they attack your arrangement and consume the leafy food items. Anyhow when they start off welcoming and coming into them into your property, now is the appropriate time to say Adequate! There are numerous satisfactory household options for freed your self of these bothering irritations and you really do not have the sources industrial pesticides.

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