How to Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath

How to Get Rid of Bad Dog BreathWhen a dog has bad breath, they lack proper oral hygiene. This can lead to them having health problems such as blistered or abscessed teeth, gingivitis, and mouth tumors. A bacterial infection is highly possible in the unsanitary oral environment and it can enter the bloodstream, and might lead to complications like liver, kidney and heart disease. What happens to your dog and the causes of them having bad breath is similar to that of humans.

There are some instances where a dog’s bad breath can be due to an internal problem. The cause of your dog’s bad breath can also be temporary because they might have just eaten their meal. With the right oral hygiene, your pet will have better smelling breath and you will lessen the risk of them having oral health problems. If the foul emissions are not eliminated when after you follow these methods, it may be necessary to bring your pet to the vet.

Here are the ways to get rid of bad dog breath:

1. Brush their teeth at least twice a week. You can use an ordinary toothbrush or a special dog teeth toothbrush but only can use dog’s toothpaste.

2. Have the vet clean their teeth. Professional teeth cleaning can be done at the veterinary. This is done when the dog gets their adult teeth. During the regular trips to the vet, an oral inspection can be done to see if there is a need to have prophylaxis.

3. Add crunchy vegetables to their diet. Feeding your pet carrots, cucumber, zucchini or lettuce can help remove some of the food particles stuck between the teeth.

4. Use dental chews. Mostly made out of rawhide, with sometimes an addition of chlorophyll, dental chews aids in the removal of some of the plaque and tartar.

5. Try dog breath mint. A temporary solution that can help mask the smell. These kind of mints are fast gain in popularity though you might want to take the time to read the ingredient label first before you buy it.

6. Make special dog cookies. There are recipes for dog cookies that contain mint and parsley. These cookies are easy to make and can help reduce bad breath.

7. Use a gel or spray dog plaque remover.

How to Get Rid of Bad Dog BreathThe easiest way to remove plaque and greatly reduce the risk of gum disease in dogs is to use Plaque Attack, which can effectively get rid of bad breath by cleaning the teeth and gums. It’s made from natural ingredients and is a highly effective way to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria in your pet. There are ways to get rid of a dog’s bad breath, but masking the foul odor will only cover up the symptoms but not help eliminate the causes of the foul smell.

For a long term solution, proper oral hygiene with the use of the right dental products will help ensure that your dog has clean teeth and a much better smelling breath.