How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

bed bugsTo learn how to get rid of bed bugs fast and prevent them from coming back, one must first be able to spot the problem area before doing any bed bugs extermination methods. These blood suckers can infest not just a bed but a whole building and the current bed bug NY epidemic has been even said to be that of biblical proportions. What it takes to get rid of bed bugs fast is the application of the right methods before you would end up spending a lot of money on professional bed bug pest control.

You can learn how to get rid of bed bugs fast by following these few steps:

The first step on how to get rid of bed bugs is to identify the areas that are infested. If you only see a few bed bugs, you might not think bed bug pest control is needed but that misconception might be the cause of an infestation in your home if you don’t get rid of bed bugs fast. Bed bugs are highly prolific, multiply at a rapid rate and considering their longevity, you can expect to have the bed bug that bit you to live in the same place for around a year. The things to look out for are dark moving spots, small insect skins, dead bed bugs, and small spots of blood. One or two bed bugs is enough for you to start bed bugs extermination methods before they grow in numbers and make it more difficult to get rid of bed bugs.

The common areas where bed bugs thrive are the mattresses, sofas, curtains, and carpets. These nocturnal insects can be seen just before dawn as they are quite active at this time and you can see them during these hours if you are willing to stalk them and peer into all the folds and crevices. Placing double-side tape or fly paper in the areas where you think there are bed bugs can also help you to figure out if there is a need to get rid of bed bugs in that specific area. Yet, the most obvious sigh of bed bugs are the painful, swollen red welts left behind by their bites which should be washed well with soap and water and treated with hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to reduce the itchiness.

After identifying the infested areas, remove all fabric coverings to wash them in hot water. The upholstered material must be vacuumed thoroughly. After the cleaning the room well, any cracks and crevices in the floors, walls and windows that bed bugs can use as access should be covered with wood putty or caulk to prevent bed bugs from coming in to the sanitized area. After doing these steps, you can start using these bed bugs extermination methods to get rid of bed bugs fast:

Subject the infested item to extreme heat or freeze them dead. Bed bugs will die when exposed for a certain period of time to temperatures above 120 degrees. You may turn up the heater in the infested room for a few hours though you have to be cautious while doing this. It is also possible to get rid of bed bugs by placing the item under the sun for a few days or to steam clean the areas. If the temperature is below 32 degrees, then you may subject the item to the cold elements but this bed bug extermination method would take around a month. You can use a bed bug spray but most of these are toxic. The above mentioned bed bugs extermination methods be able to get rid of bed bugs but not be able to kill bed bug eggs.

bed bugsThere is a new ultrasonic bed bugs extermination device that will effectively get rid of bed bugs. It works by emitting acoustic sound waves that vibrate and actually impair the reproductive system of the adult female bed bug. This means that the existing female bed bugs that are within the audible range of the device will no longer be able to lay eggs and that will effectively place an end to the next generation. BedBug Out was invented to curb the ever-growing population of bed bugs. It is simply plugged into any wall socket and will be able to give the room constant bed bug pest control by the sound waves it emits. This device does not have any harmful chemical and is the effortless way to get rid of bed bugs.

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