How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Are you aware of the fact that the bed you are lying down may be infested with a whole load of insects like bed bugs and dust mites? These insects do not only thrive on your bed, they can live in your sofa or similar kinds of upholstered furniture, like maybe your favorite TV chair. Bed bugs bite and dust mites feast on dead skin cells. You may change your sheets regularly or even vacuum an upholstered surface but it does not kill of all these insects and their eggs.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Cleaning and changing the sheets regularly is one way to get rid of the number of bed bugs residing in your bed but to kill bed bugs the most effective way is to spray them with insecticide. An insecticide spray can evenly cover the entire area of the bed and penetrate the minute holes of the thickly woven fabric, permeating the area with the deadly spray and killing them off. To ensure that there will be no infestation in the near future, you would have to kill all the eggs, larvae and adult insects, so you can place a stop to their life cycle. There are products such as Bed Bug Sprays that can effectively kill bed bugs, dust mites, along with other insects and unlike most insecticides, it is non-toxic.


When was the last time you disinfected your bed? Are you aware of the fact that the bed you sleep in could be a haven for germs. A routine cleaning is not enough to get rid of these germs and no matter how much you vacuum, the germs will still be there. Germs are the microscopic bacteria, the viruses, fungi, and protozoa that exist to cause disease and these can be transferred from a bed back to you or to another person if they are not removed. Disinfecting the area will get rid of such germs and help you lessen the risk of getting infected, especially if someone has recently been ill and had lied down on that bed. Bed Bug Bully or Bed Bugs Say Good Night can effectively disinfect the bed and kill the germs.


There is a need to keep an area sanitized and this rule applies whether the place is a business establishment, the work place, or the home you live in. Most people spend a lot of money buying bug sprays to get rid of cockroaches, flies, or mosquitoes and buy disinfectant products to use for the toilet area, to wash their plates and utensils, and even to disinfect the air. Most people are not aware that there is a way to be able to apply the same sanitation procedure to the very bed that they lie down on each and every day.

Kill Bed Bugs with Bed Bugs Say Good Night

Bed Bug Sprays are available in a range of brands, one of the most popular Bed Bugs Say Good Night, and are non-toxic, pleasant smelling, and will effectively kill bed bugs and other insects that live in upholstered furniture while disinfecting it. There are handy sizes for home use and larger containers available for business establishments like hotels. The special formulation is all natural and will kill adult bed bugs, their larvae and eggs in less than a minute.

Want to Know More About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasites that the drink blood of humans of other warm-blooded animals to live, and bed bugs are on the rise. Bed bugs commonly live and breed where people sleep such as areas in and around your bed. This makes it easy for bed bugs to bite you and feed while you sleep. Bed bugs can create horrendous conditions and cause serious infestation, bed bugs are not to be taken lightly.

Because bedbugs are blood-sucking insects, they usually prey upon their host at night when people are asleep and vulnerable. Bed bugs are are attracted to heat and are known to even fall from ceilings when there is warmth and carbon monoxide.

Bed bugs have long hollow feeding tubes that pierce through skin and act as a straw to feed off blood. The saliva of a bed bugs work like anesthetic to make each bite painless to the victim. After feeding on the host, the bed bug will defecate and return to it’s hiding place.

Bed bugs can go dormant and live for years without food, however most bed bugs feed every 4-10 days. This can make it difficult to diagnose a bed bug infestation since they rarely come out and only do so when you are asleep.

Bed bugs are just nasty! And to know they live in your bed and suck your blood can makes me shudder.

Bed bug bites can cause extreme itching along with swelling and redness or even lesions on the body. Bed bug bits have also been known to cause severe allergic reactions in people with certain allergies. Antihistamines and hydrocortisone can decrease some of the symptom from a bed bug bite. Bed bug bits are also capable of causing anaphylactic shock in some people which can lead to death.

Bed bugs are capable of carrying diseases that can be passed to humans. There are at least 27 pathogens known to live on bed bugs and around their mouths.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are many pesticides available to help you kill bed bugs and control infestations, however it’s more difficult to kill bed bug eggs since they will be unharmed by most pesticides. It is also not recommended to use pesticides where you sleep.

A New Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Additional Information on Bed Bugs

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  1. I’ve been hearing about bed bugs more than I’d like to, it seems there is an outbreak in NYC and Florida, where there are a lot of travelers and tourists. Some of them are resistant towards the pesticides, the only way to get rid of them if that doesn’t work is to turn your home into and oven and cook them.

    I think an article on how to prevent bed bugs would be helpful as well.


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