How to Get Rid Of Dead Grass

Dead grass ruins the appearance of the lawn and needs to be fixed as soon as possible, depending on the cause. There area a number of reasons why grass would die like if there is a fungal infection, insect infestation, if it was trampled, or subjected to dog urine. Some other reasons why the grass will die would be lack of proper routine maintenance like watering, fertilizing, mowing and mulching. Drought and extremely cold weather conditions may also a factor for dead grass so you would have to choose the grass seeds according to the climate conditions of the area you live in. Here is what to do to get rid of dead grass:

– Assess the damage by walking around the lawn.

– Remove patches of dead grass from your lawn.

– Get rid of dead grass from your lawn manually for small areas.To remove manually, soak the area and dig out the soil 2 inches deep.

– Use a detacher for the large areas. Set the calibration of the detacher and take out dead grass by sections.

– Collect dead grass and dispose then patch up the empty area by reseeding.

To reseed the lawn, you have to consider a number of things if you are using ordinary grass seed such as:

If the kind of grass seed are suitable to the climate.
If it is planting time.
If you have to place a new layer of top soil.
If the vacated area is in the sun or shade.
If there are weeds around the area.

There are many kinds of grass seeds, but there is certain kind that you can use to eliminate all the concerns listed. Scientifically hybrid for the grass to have the best qualities such as drought resistance, winter hardiness, weed resistent, and fast-growing, the grass seed will endure almost any harsh condition. Since this strain is stronger than ordinary grass, it can be trampled upon, can be planted anytime of the year, be it in full sun, partial sun, or full shade.

Since the grass seeds are part of a ready-to-use mix, composed of the seeds, fertilizer and vermiculite, you would have the advantage of no longer requiring to place a new layer of soil before seeding. The mix can even be poured on concrete floors and the new grass will grow because it complete. Canada Green grass is the easiest way for you to patch up the eyesore in your lawn left by the dead grass, with the assurance that you will be planting a hardier grass strain.

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