How to Get Rid of Flies

Get Rid of Flies, Houseflies, and Fruit Flies

Flies are a nuisance and getting rid of them is a big problem especially for those who live in the urban areas and take care of animals. Aside from the bacteria from waste deposits which cover the legs and bodies of flies, some of the primary concerns that people have is how to avoid getting sued based on the nuisance law.

This nuisance law covers even flies, as if garbage bins or animal deposits are swarmed with flies, your neighbor has the right to file a complaint or demand. This is not the only law that will make you have to get rid of flies – there are also sanitation laws that you have to deal with. Restaurant owners and manufactures of food products know how a few flies can actually ruin their business and become a hindrance to their renewing their permits.

Fly Prevention and Control

It’s a fact that no matter how sanitary the conditions are, there is still the possibility that you will get flies. If you want to take flies away, these are some of the usual things that can be done to eliminate those pesky flies.

People spend a lot of money to prevent, control and keep flies away by placing screens doors and windows, buy bug zappers to place in strategic areas, consume countless cans of insect spray, and even hang up those unsightly fly glue traps.

Chasing around hitting flies with either a fly swatter, a rolled-up newspaper, or even footwear, is the most common way that people get rid of flies. These methods are highly effective for indoor use and limited outdoor us, but what can you do if you live in a farm or want to enjoy a backyard picnic without flies?

Proven Method, New Invention

There are those who use fly bait, the kind that can be bought over the counter. The main problem with using this is that it is poisonous and animals might consume it, aside from the fact that you have to take caution in its application. Fly baits do work based on the fact that flies have a strong sense of smell.

One of the first fly baits was apple cider vinegar. A bowl would be filled with it and it would be covered with a plastic wrap which will be punctured with holes. The flies would crawl into the hole and will not be able to escape. The problem with this method is that only work on house flies as they will rest on a vertical surface.

Garbage flies will not fall into a vertical trap, the ideal trap is one with a cone-like structure. There is a new innovation that combines fly bait with the perfect fly trap. The advantage of keeping flies away with this new product is that the bait is non toxic but will effectively kill flies.

Unlike the common methods, which entails you having to exert effort every time you see a fly, having to chase it with a swatter, spray it with insecticide, or your bug zapper using up electricity, this product can help you keep flies away without any effort. All you have to do is hang it up and the smell of the fly bait will lure the up to 20,000 flies. After it is hanged, it will work to get rid of flies for the next 30 days and all you have to do is dispose of the swarm of flies that it eliminated.

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