How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are pesky insects and there are ways on how to get rid of them. They can arrive singly or in swarms, and carry around in their legs germs. There are ways to control and manage them and to prevent them from coming back. The first inclination people have to get rid of fruit is to swat them. If you have good aim, you will be able to kill a lot of them, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort on your part. There are many instances that the fruit fly will land in a place that you can’t hit them, like on a glass or a plate, and you have to wait them out. Swatting these flies does work though you would have to disinfect the area and try to sweep them up after they die, if you find them at all.

Spraying the infested place with insecticide is another way to get rid of fruit flies. The main problem with this method is that more often than not, when there are fruit flies present, there are food items around and you cannot spray as even the food will get sprayed on. Cleanliness and keeping an area sanitized can help stop fruit flies from hovering around, and it would help to keep the surrounding areas clean also. Proper waste disposal is vital to keep fruit flies away.

You can make your own fruit flies traps from common ingredients such as sweet red wine, beer, balsamic or cider vinegar. There are a number of variations to the trap method, starting with the simplest which is placing a couple of inches of any of those into an open container with a few drops of dishwashing liquid, to making funnel traps and covered bowl traps.

Getting rid of fruit flies and other insects can be done by means of tried and tested natural methods. You can surround your home with plants that ward away insects, like citronella, eucalyptus, and even lavender. There are even some common items that you can find in your cupboard, like the vinegar for use in making fly traps, that can help keep insects away. A good reference material that you can use to find out more ways of getting rid of insects is a book called “1001 Pest Free Property.” In this book, you will find all the details you need to eliminate insects from your home and garden in a natural way by applying various time-tested and proven methods.

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