How to Get Rid of Lice

Would you like to get rid of lice the safe and natural way without having to resort to harsh chemical shampoos? A head that is full of lice usually has damaged skin tissue because of the person’s scratching their head. If you treat it with harsh chemicals, you might be doing a lot of harm than good because there are many instances when just one treatment is not enough. For example, a child goes to school and gets head lice from another student. The child will get treated but the incident will likely be repeated as the other student still has head lice.

The all-natural head lice removal treatment would be any parent’s best option to get rid of lice and nits. One way to remove head lice is by using a fine toothed comb. This is a rather painstaking and sometimes lengthy process as it would entail having to comb each section of the hair repeatedly until all the lice is removed. Take note that only it will be able to remove just the bigger cutis and not the small eggs that are stuck to the base of the hair. When the lice have been taken out of the hair they have to be killed or else they are going to crawl back to the hair or onto someone else’s head. Some people eliminate the lice by placing it on a white piece of paper and squashing them.

To aid in head lice comb removal or removing them manually with the use of your bare hands, it is common practice to apply olive oil to the hair in order to make it easier to slip off the lice from the strands. Combining the method of placing oil on the head and combing it out will work more efficiently in getting rid of lice. There is a product called Zero Lice – Lice and Egg Removal Kit by Thursday Plantation. Inside the kit are a specially designed comb, a scientifically formulated blend of oils, and a head cap. This kit is very easy to use and will save you a lot of time and effort.

Children are extremely impatient and the tedious hair combing ritual is something that they would fidget all throughout. With the Zero Lice – Lice and Egg Removal kit, the head will be treated with herbal oils that would cover the lice and nits and suffocate them to death. After the head is treated with the oil, the cap is placed on and the person is free to go walk around during the fifteen minute treatment without fear of these things escaping to another head. After the fifteen minute period is over, take out the cap and comb out the dead lice and nits.

You will be surprised how easily the comb glides through the hair and how many of the lice and nits are removed. You will notice that the hair will even become shinier with constant treatment as the herbal oils will not only remove the lice but nourish and heal the scalp while strengthening the hair strands. It will be similar to getting a hot oil treatment while efficiently getting rid of lice.

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  1. My child had a case when she was younger we couldnt get rid of with anything. Her pediatrician told us to coat her head with Vaseline and cover it with a shower cap overnight. It worked like a charm! Then the only problem is getting the Vaseline out–use dishwashing soap to help break it up.

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