How to Get Rid of Mice

How to Get Rid of MiceMice can do quite a lot of damage by gnawing at the electrical wiring within the walls and that of appliances like freezers and ovens. When the wiring is gnawed at, an electrical fire might start and the appliances might no longer function. Food may be contaminated by their urine and feces, and once these food items are consumed, may lead to salmonella poisoning. Papers and other important documents may be torn to shreds, and other similar items destroyed.

Many people are aware of the fact that they might have a mice infestation because of the tell-tale signs that these pests leave such as gnawed papers, tracks, and dropping that are around 1/4 inch long dark rods, and you might smell their musky odor. Mice usually nest in sheltered locations. The holes that they create in walls can be up to an inch in diameter and upon close inspection, you might notice that the wood was cleanly gnawed. When you observe that there are mice, you have the option to use professional pest control service though there are other less expensive ways to get rid of mice that you might want to try before doing so.

They are more active during the nighttime, and can climb nearly any rough wall and run along wiring, cables and ropes. Since mice can squeeze into openings around 1/4 inch in diameter, you need to cover these holes up with the use of copper mesh or sealants. Aside from inspecting the walls, you must check your doors, windows and screens to see if they close well and if there is an opening large enough for them to pass through.

You might want to own a pet cat. There are a number of animals that prey on mice like foxes, owls and snake but among them, the most well-know mouse killer are cats. There are some cats that work harder than others in eliminating mice, so pick a cat that looks swift and agile. You can also choose to use spring-loaded traps, live-catch traps, electronic traps, or glue boards by placing them near the entrance hole or near the wall where the mice pass, and lure them into the trap with the use of bait.

How to Get Rid of MiceRodent poison is another effective way to kill mice and is available as tracking powder, in pellet or block for. These can be placed in the infested area near the walls and must be replenish daily. It might take 2 to 3 weeks before the entire mice population get exterminated. Caution must be used when handling any poisonous substances and there is a law that states that all rodent poisons must be put in resistant-tamper proof bait stations so that children and pets cannot access it. If you prefer to drive away the mice, use natural mice repellants that are sold as oils, sprays, solid blocks or granules made from peppermint and spearmint oil extracts as mice abhor the smell of these herbal extracts.

Another effective way to get rid of mice is to create an electromagnetic field using the wiring within the walls where the mice usually stay. When this digital force field is activated by means of plugging in Riddex Plus, the environment will become continuous unlivable for them as it affects their nervous system and drives them away. This electronic device can give your home protection from mice, rats, cockroaches and other pests.on a 24/7 basis without any effort on your part, and eliminates the use of harmful poisons and trapping devices, and listed with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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