How to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

Different women have different stories to share about their pregnancy. Morning sickness is one of the most common pregnancy-related experiences and pregnant women go through it differently. For some, morning sickness is an early pregnancy symptom. For others, it does not happen until much later into the pregnancy. Meanwhile, some women don’t even experience morning sickness at all. You can get rid of morning sickness by taking small steps that work best for you.

Comfort Scent For The Nauseated

To get rid of morning sickness, it is best to stay organic and minimize further chemical reactions in the body unless your doctor prescribes otherwise. In relation to morning sickness, some women are highly sensitive to certain smells right upon waking up in the morning. Having this in mind, scented candles or homemade aroma therapy could help. Experiment with different scents – lemon, coffee, vanilla, etc. Chances are there is one that will not smell awful for you. This comfort scent could alleviate your morning sickness. Some women have tried smelling fresh lemon and lemon peelings in the morning, as the lemon scent comforts them. Maintain a calm and relaxed spirit early in the day to avoid triggering nausea and morning sickness. Sleep early to get up early, such that if ever you still go to work, you will not worry about running late.

Crackers And Pretzels

Eat crackers or pretzels to start your day, and drink a glass of fresh fruit juice. One natural effect of morning sickness is loss of appetite, but hunger will further trigger nausea. So eat bits of crackers and pretzels throughout the day to avoid suffering from an empty stomach. Some women are comforted by ginger ale, some by apple juice. You should identify what you can take in, and have it regularly to stay healthy in spite of your choosy palate.

Regular Check Ups

Although morning sickness is natural among many pregnant women, it is still best that you keep your doctor updated when it comes to your condition. Remember, what works for one pregnant woman may not necessarily work for you in getting rid of morning sickness. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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