How to Get Rid of Neck Fat

How to Get Rid of Neck FatGetting rid of neck fat can be done without having cosmetic surgery. There are many people who have excess fat surrounding their neck, or maybe a double or triple chin. Aside from losing weight, which is one of the solutions to lessening neck fat, there are a few more things that can be done:

Do a jaw firming massage with cream. Massage from the bottom of the neck going upwards, use your hands to apply a cream using long strokes. This will help moisturize the neck skin and slightly lessen sagging as the skin elasticity is returned. As the outer layer of the skin gets rejuvenated, the neck will appear younger.

Chew gum that contains no sugar or is calorie-free. When you chew gum, the up and down motion of your jaw will give the area a sort of ‘workout session’ and will help tone the necessary muscles. This method is only recommended for those want to maintain their slim neck or those who have quite minor neck fat problems as to achieve visible result, gum has to be chewed daily for quite a long period of time.

Exercise the neck. There are exercise routines that can be done to get rid of neck fat. Moving the head from one shoulder to another, facing left and right, and doing head rotations can help reduce excess fat. To target the chin and jaw area, do up and down head movements. It is possible to aid the targeted exercise to for double chin removal with a resistance equipment especially designed for the chin and neck area.

How to Get Rid of Neck FatThe chin gym machine is the Neck Slimmer. It provides the resistance needed to the muscle groups in jaw and neck area in order to effectively tone them and burn the excess fat. A chin workout session can be done for 2 minutes a day using this and it is possible to pick from 3 different resistance levels. Just like any other gym equipment, resistance exercise routines with this special piece of chin gym machine can be able to get rid of unwanted fat in the chin and neck area.