How to Get Rid of Rats

How to get Rid of RatsTo get rid of rats requires a different approach from most pests as rats rarely live inside a home and will try to enter any place to get food. You need to protect your home from the outside and from the inside. Any plants that touch the exterior of home should be cut back so the rats can’t use this to climb in. Garbage cans should be kept as far away as possible and be well covered so that the rats won’t find a food source. Inspect the outside of your home for any entry points and block all the openings.

Rats bear disease and the black plague can be directly attributed to the rat infestation during that time. Rats also can ruin and damage food stock and a lot of other things like paper that they shred to pieces. They thrive in unsanitary conditions, so make sure to keep your surroundings as clean as possible. You may decide to get a cat to chase away the rats and maybe kill them, but there are some instances wherein the cat might back out if the rat is too large and viscous. If you live in a farm or a semi-urban area, you might want to take care of an owl because they too will prey on rats.

How to get Rid of RatsThere are a number of trapping devices that you can use from the good old fashioned live catch cage, spring-loaded traps, and electronic traps. When you catch a rat using any of these devices, proper disposal methods should be met. Various kinds of rat poisons may also be used and these are available as pellets, tracking powder, or solid blocks. It is necessary to place them in a tamper-proof bait storage container especially if you have children and pets to ensure that these poisons substances are not consumed by them. Never handle a dead rat with your bare hands and use plastic gloves to pick them up, place them in a separate small plastic bag before disposing as they still can spread disease even if they’re dead and even stink up the entire area.

There is another way to protect your home and it can be done by creating an electromagnetic digital force field inside your walls. Riddex Plus is the latest in high technology pest control devices that when plugged in to a wall socket, will change the electromagnetic field of the wiring, covering an area of nearly two thousand feet. When the electromagnetic field is activated, any rats, mice, cockroaches, and other pests will have their nervous systems affected by the created environmental condition that will make it intolerable for them to continue inhabiting the area and drive them away. This electronic device is one of the most effective way to get rid of most pests from your home, and requires the least amount of effort and expense on your part to give you protection day or night.

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