How to Get Smooth Feet

How to Get Smooth FeetOur feet get subjected to a lot of hard work from engaging in activities such as walking or running, pressure from standing on them, and may suffer from being enclosed in footwear for a long period of time. The skin of the feet may thicken, form callouses, get dry, or be cracked. Taking care of the peds is part of a good grooming routine and if done properly, will result in a person having more beautiful feet. Here are the things that you can do to have smooth feet:

Have a regular foot spa. Foot spa treatments can be done in a parlor or at home. If you don’t have a foot spa basin, you can soak your feet in hot water, making sure that the temperature is not too scalding hot, with the addition of a store bought foot soak, or making your own homemade foot spa treatment from things like shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid soap, baking soda, or Epsom salts.

Pamper them with lotions and creams. There are many foot softening lotions or creams to choose from that are especially made for the feet. Aside from these, you can pamper your peds with an overnight treatment of olive oil or petroleum jelly by applying any of these two before retiring, placing on a pair of socks, and going to sleep. When you wake up, take off the socks and you will find that the feet will be a lot softer.

How to Get Smooth FeetScrape off the dry skin. You can do this with the use of pumice rocks or foot scrapers. Pumice stones are to be used for mild cases of dry skin. If the area has thicken skin or callouses, you need to use a foot scraper. Foot scrapers range from the older types that have long peeling blade or those that look like flat cheese graters and should be used with caution as if too much scraping is done, the outer layer of the skin can get hurt or the skin removal will be uneven.

There is new kind of foot scraper that has 135 micro-filing blades and is curved in such a way that it can make removal of the dry skin from the heel to the big toe area more even and easier. The dry skin that is removed will not fall to the ground but be encased in a specially designed compartment for disposal after the process is done. Unlike other foot scrapers that have handles, the PedEgg fits in the palm of your hand. When a slight pressure is applied and this innovative and highly effective scraping tool is moved around the area, the dry skin will gently be removed, leaving no uneven surface. By using the latest in foot scrapers, you can get to efficiently remove all the callouses and dry skin, and finally easily have smooth feet.