How to Get the Best Flavor From Vape

Ecigarettes requires the use eliquid to create the vapor that mimics the smoking experience. Eliquids are also called ejuice.

With the numerous brands and flavors that we can choose from, there are ways on how to get the best flavor from vape – and it is not just according to our taste buds because, aside from how great the electronic cigarette is in generating vapor, there are other factors that would make the difference in a number of concerns such as the thickness of volume of the vapor cloud, the amount of eliquid consumed as we might have to use more or less, the way it smoothly feels as we breathe it in and puff it out which is called the “throat hit”, and the satisfaction that we get from the nicotine intake and the flavor itself.

The Eliquid

These have ingredients in the mix which include the:

Flavor.  With thousands of flavors available, there are different categories which include fruit, tobacco flavors, beverages, and even dessert flavors. If there is the word “artic” or “chilled”, these mean that the flavor has a touch of menthol. The flavor is a personal choice and if it is possible to test it, a drop can be tasted.

PG and VG. These stand for Propenol Glycerin and Vegetable Glycerin. The typical ratio to choose for these eliquid ingredients is 50/50 though the brands with a 60/40 or 70/30 ration is also good. Note that these ingredients must be the kind which are FDA approved as food safe and are of high quality.

Nicotine strength. These range from a zero to the highest of 42 mg/ml. The typical choices are that 6, 12, and 24 mg/ml. A guideline in choosing a nicotine strength would be the number of cigarettes smoked daily, like if one goes for a pack in a 24 hour period, the ideal choice would be 12 mg/ml.

How it Heats Up

There are coils with cotton, wicks, and the wickless types of ecigarettes. How it heats up and the temperature does make the difference – yet the primary consideration when it comes to the coil type with the cotton and the ones with the wick are if these are not burnt out.

The burnt taste that many vapers dislike occurs when the eliquid has been dropped onto another part such as the screw, if the coils are old and rusty in color, if the flavors have been mixed, or the pressing of the button was done too long and the vapor gets trapped.

To get the best flavor from vapes, it is a good idea to replace the cotton/wick, and coil as frequently as needed. It just takes a little time and effort to do-it-yourself or you can buy replacement parts.

The eCigarette

What is used does make an outstanding difference in getting the best flavor from vape. The delivery of the flavor, the way it burns, the ease of handling, and the way it can generate huge vapor clouds are the reasons why one should have a great ecigarette.

There are great flavors and ecigarettes available in the market. It is a good idea to buy from a site that has vape experts handling the online chat so it is possible to ask questions and get recommendations, and one that has a large inventory to include replacement coils and the most popular and the newest vapes.

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