How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Well-shaped eyebrows with just the right fullness to go with your features will greatly enhance the way your face looks. You might be tired of using an eyebrow pencil to fill up the gaps and make it look thicker, or may hesitate to have cosmetic tattooed eyebrows. Doing these things will work to make your brows appear to be thicker, but to get natural full eyebrows, there are certain ways to achieve it.

The most popular way to get thicker eyebrows is to apply either olive, castor or emu oil onto the brow twice a day. This will serve to condition the brows and help promote the growth of existing hair. If you want to promote the growth of new eyebrow hair and to hasten the growing process of existing brow hair, you may use a product that contains Minoxidil. Topical solutions that have this ingredient are for the primary purpose of scalp hair regrowth, but you may dab a cotton swab into it and use this to apply the solution onto your brows twice a day.

There are also eyebrow thickener products that you can use. Some can be bought over the counter and are labeled as eyebrow conditioners. There are products that can be bought online or from a dermatology clinic that when applied to the brows, may make them get longer and thicker after a six-week period. These specific products have to be continuously used until the desired fullness is obtained.

Eyebrows take longer to grow than scalp hair so you need to be patient and give the methods enough time to work. If the problem persists and these methods fail to get the results you want, you may opt to have a hair transplant done to your eyebrows. The cosmetic surgeon will transfer some hair from the scalp to the brow, and after the transplant, when the brows have healed, the hair is dyed if needed.

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