How to Get Thicker Eyelashes

The super thick eyelash look is so ‘in’ nowadays, and it serves to make your eyes really stand out. Getting thicker or long and thick eyelashes is easy to do, and you can get a temporary fix or one that will give you permanent thicker eyelashes. Look your best by using these proven ways to get thicker eyelashes:

  1. Powder and mascara. A quick and easy make-up trick is to powder your lashes before placing on your mascara. Loose powder is the best and you brush it on, blink a couple of times to get off the excess, and layer on the mascara. Don’t forget to comb out the lashes in between each application and when you’re done as clumps look awful.
  2. Mascara. There are thickening mascaras and even some that have small pieces of fine hair mixed in. Layer it on, allowing it to dry in between coats and comb it out. To add a bit of shine, use a clear mascara coat as the final touch.
  3. Eyeliner. Properly placed, eyeliner will give your eyes more emphasis and create the illusion of thicker eyelashes. If you are in a hurry, placing on pencil eyeliner on the top lid is enough look good. There are many kinds of eyeliners in various colors, but the ones that appear most natural would be black or brown. You can use liquid or pencil eyeliner, though if you want a dramatic effect, try to use the henna eyeliner that comes from the Middle East.
  4. Conditioning treatment. It is possible to get natural thicker lashes by giving them a condition treatment. Olive oil is one of the most common home treatments, along with Vaseline petroleum jelly, which is to be placed lightly on the lash daily for a period of two weeks. There are specially formulated eyelash conditioning products that may help you get thicker and longer lashes in a shorter period of time.
  5. Lash extensions. You can have this done in a parlor and they can last you for up to 3 months. Synthetic individual eyelashes are placed on top of the eyelash by means of a special adhesive bonding glue. This is a painless process and will give you the immediate results.
  6. False eyelashes. These are simple to use, just put on the adhesive glue to the part of the fake eyelash to be attached and place it on top of your eyelash to secure to the lash line. It may take a few attempts at first, but you can use the flat side of a toothpick to hold it down. There’s a wide range of false eyelashes to choose from and some may even have a glittery effect.

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