How to Go to Pigfarts

Many people say that you can’t learn how to GO to Pigfarts because it’s on Mars. I disagree. You don’t need a rocketship. You can go to Pigfarts!

Now, for those of you wondering what Pigfarts is, it is ONLY the greatest Wizarding school in the GALAXY.

Forget DUMBLEDORE, since RUMBLEROAR is even awesomer. He’s a lion who can talk. And if you’re an extra good student he lets you ride on his back. Figures Potter didn’t know about Pigfarts until Draco Malfoy told him. Then again, Potter’s parents died and he can somehow afford to buy NASA.

I recall reading in the Daily Prophet a wizard claiming to have gone to the moon using a broomstick and the Bubblehead charm on his head. I thought about this – and have discovered how to go to Pigfarts.

Using ONLY the newest, fastest models of broomsticks such as Firebolts, Nimbus 2000, and the Nimbus 2001 are acceptable to use. How do you expect to get there using an old model.

Of course, you should mastered use of the Bubblehead charm will take you safely to Pigfarts.

Careful study the galaxy’s map before going otherwise it could float off into oblivion. See the route from Earth to Mars and try to master the broom as well as you might hit asteroids on the way over. Oh, and try not to get into any black holes.

Remember patience is the key to go to Pigfarts. Rumbleroar is a patient lion, and if you would like to go to that awesome place, you should learn how to be like him.

It’s not enough to be able to whiz around on your broomstick now that you know the way to go – it will take you some time – but you can get to Pigfarts.

Get your Bubblehead and broomstick ready. Rumbleroar awaits you.

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