How to Grow A Garden

Growing a garden will give you numerous mental and health benefits. When you have a garden, be it a flower, vegetable, fruit or decorative one, it brings a touch of nature to your surroundings. You will be able to enjoy the aromatic or therapeutic qualities plus the clean air. Doing common garden task such as watering or tilling the soil will help you get rid of stress. One of the main benefits of having a garden aside from the physical exercise that you will be able to anticipate things, such as waiting for a harvest, the flowers to fully bloom or a seed to sprout.

Growing a garden entails some work but once you have established your plants, all that you would need to do is routine maintenance such as watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Here are the basic things that need to know on how to grow a garden:

Pot or plot – You can opt to have a container garden and place various sized pots in the windowsill, inside the home, at the porch or terrace or in the garden, even if you have enough yard space to create a plot. Even if you have a small outdoor garden, you can either plot the plants accordingly or grow individual plants, a lawn, a trellis, an arbor, cover wall structures with ivy, or even have a cacti garden.

Climate – Do you live in an area that has mild weather all year round or has the 4 seasons? Choosing your plants should be based on what can thrive in the weather conditions you live in. Take a look around your area to see what grows well for you to be able to figure out what kind of plants would be best.

Sun or shade – Some plants require at least 6 to 8 hours of sun a day while others can grow well in shade or indoors. Knowing the sun requirements of the plant will help you decide where to place them.

Water access – Make sure that you will be able to bring the water to the plants with ease. You might be planting one plot in front of another making it very difficult to water the one behind them and do ordinary gardening task such as weeding and pruning.

Soil conditions – Plants need various kinds of soil to survive. There are different kinds of soil such as clay, loam, and sand. You might have to amend the soil to give it the nutrients and drainage needed.

These are essential things you need to know on how to grow a garden. When your garden begins to grow, give your plants the routine maintenance necessary such as watering, fertilizing, pruning, composting, mulching and spraying with fungicide or insecticide. Note that when you decide to grow a garden, the only way you can do the common gardening tasks like tilling, soil amendment, composting, and pruning is with gardening tools.

The basic gardening tools needed to start a garden are spades, forks, and tilling tools.The soil you will plant need to be dug to a certain depth and with for the plant to be placed in and to ensure that the roots have enough room to grow in the future. To make this process easier, you can use one of the newest gardening tools which can dig into even heavy clay, tree roots, and other similar soils conditions that can make you do the task in less than half the time of using a spade or a fork.

This tilling tool is known as the Awesome Auger and it has a rotary blade that can dig through nearly any kind of soil, chop composting material into smithereens, prune most branches and leaves, and amend the soil among many other things efficiently and quickly. The sharp rotating blades are attached to a long rod that will be connected to an electric drill. Do your gardening tasks fast with the right garden tool that will enable you to start planting your garden right away.

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