How to Grow a Tomato Plant

Tomatoes are great in salads; on sandwiches and in dips and sauces, but growing them may prove to be a bit tricky depending on where you live and what type of gardening skills you have.

First you’ve got to decide whether you’re going to start from scratch and attempt to grow your tomato plant from a seed or whether you’ll take the slightly easier approach and buy an already started plant to transfer to your garden. You may get a bit more satisfaction by starting from a seed, but it will require a bit more time, work and attention if you want to get the same results.

Tomato plants need good soil, the right amount of sunlight and water and fertilizer in order to flourish and produce as many delicious tomatoes as possible. If you give a tomato plant enough room to grow, enough light and enough water and nourishment, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of tomatoes for all of your favorite recipes but, even though most tomato species are pretty hearty, neglecting them will certainly result in disappointment.

For people who live in apartments or condominiums or for those who just don’t have land with decent soil, there are products that can help you grow delicious tomatoes despite your limitation. Upside down growers like the Topsy Turvy will let you grow amazing tomato plants with virtually no ground space at all if you are willing to still put the time and effort into the care of the plants.

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