How to Grow Eyelashes

Does how to grow eyelashes seem to elude you? Having long and lush lashes is lovely.┬áThere are many people who are born with long and thick eyelashes. There are also some women that you might now who might have surprised you as when you see them – as they have wonderful lashes that seem to have grown overnight!

If you feel frustrated because home remedies like placing petroleum jelly on these failed to work, you are not alone.

Don’t be forlorn, as here are 5 methods that are easy to do. Out of these, 4 ways get nearly results to look like your lashes grew fast – and the other way provides the long-term solution on how to grow lashes.

1. Wear eyelashes lengthening mascara. There are certain mascaras that have the addition of small nylon fibers that look like eyelash hairs. These are typically brushed on with a special applicator then coated with another product that secures the fiber lashes in place.

2. Layer on the mascara. The way to do this is to apply the mascara while slightly wiggling the brush in a back and forth motion from the bottom of the lashes to the tips. Take note to repeat this process once more before the mascara dries. One may do this at least twice or until desired results are achieved.

3. Get eyelash extensions. These are semi-permanent. The process entails having fake lash hairs made from synthetic fibers that come in various lengths and thickness. These synthetic lashes are individually attached to each eyelash hair with a special kind of glue. One may expect eyelash extensions to last for at least a couple of months.

4. Use makeup to create the illusion. A few cosmetic tricks include placing on liquid and pencil eyeliners at the base of the eyelids to make the lashes look thicker. Applying dark eye makeup powder also works to create the look of lovely lashes. Using a lash curler is another way to look like your lashes grew, especially if the mascara is layered on after.

5. Use an eyelash grower. Research has developed hair grower products specifically formulated for the eyelashes. Some of them nourishes that are applied to the base of the lashes for the hair follicles. Other hair growers have conditioners for strengthening the eyelashes.

There is a certain eyelash grower that does these two things with it’s unique dual application method to make the lashes grow fast. Made in Paris, containing only natural ingredients, and backed by a guarantee that one gets longer and thicker lashes in as little as 4 weeks with daily use of this eyelash grower.

The first 4 methods will get results, though it would be fake.

The 5th one is the sure way of how to grow eyelashes fast.

When you want beautiful eyes that may mesmerize and tantalize, these tips will surely help you get the desired short-term and long-term results.

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