How to Grow Grass

If you are planning to grow grass, you may have to face a number of challenges, unless you pick the newer strains of grass seeds. If you want to have a lawn, you have the option to do it the old-fashioned way or to use a ready-to-use complete grass starter kit. To grow grass seeds the traditional way, here are the things that you need to do:

1. Get gardening tools. You would need a flat-bladed shovel, a tiller, and a rake.

2. Consider the climate. If the area has the 4 seasons or experiences mild weather throughout the year, this would be the way to choose the grass seeds to plant. Not all grass will thrive in any climate. You might also have to choose your seeds by knowing if they will thrive in sunny or shaded areas.

3. Know if it is planting time. Fall is usually a good time to start a lawn in certain areas, but for those places that have mild whether, the ideal time to plant would be in the spring.

4. Check the soil. If it is clay, sand, rocky, you will have to either amend it or add a thick layer or top soil. If there is no need to amend the soil, test the soil pH. If it is above 6.0 to 7.5, it is alkaline and must be changed with the addition of compost or sulfur. If it is below that range, the soil is acidic and has to be modified with the addition of lime.

5. Prepare the soil. Take out old grass and weeds by digging.down a couple of inches deep to make sure that all the roots are removed. Add in the new layer of soil if needed, and till and rake. Remove any rocks as you rake the soil.

6. Fertilize. During the tilling process. you may want to add fertilizers to the soil to supply the necessary nutrients. You can use either compost or a soil conditioner.

7. Seed the area. Most grass seed packets have a recommended seeding rate that has to be follower. One way to ensure that the seeds are evenly spread out is to sow one-fourth of the seeds first over the entire given area, raking it lightly and to repeat the process 3 times more to empty out the contents of the packet. Lightly water often, keeping the soil moist until the seedling have sprouted.

If you don’t want to go do these gardening tasks, get the ready-to-plant grass mix. It has a more resilient strain of grass seeds, fertilizer and vermiculite. It will not be necessary to add top soil as there is enough vermiculite to give the seed their soil requirements, making it possible to pour out the mix on to concrete floors and yet still have the grass grow. This new strain can be planted anytime, any climate condition, be it sun or shade. If you want to grow grass right away and have a stronger strain of grass that can even be walked on, use the complete grass starter kit.

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