How to Grow Greener Grass

how to grow greener grassLawn grass serves to beautify a garden, cool down the air, and supply more oxygen around your home. A beautiful green lawn can increase your curb appeal and even add real estate value to your home. A lawn area can be used from entertainment purposes, like to have picnics or to play outdoor sports. The kind of grass that you plant must be the one ideal for the climate conditions of your area. Making your lawn grass green is simply a matter of proper maintenance.

The first thing to do is to assess your lawn. Walk around it to see if there are any bare areas that need to be patched up. This can be done by buying grass from or seedlings from a nearby garden, and using these to grow new grass in the problem area. If you notice any areas that have an uneven surface, you might have to reapply the topsoil and plant new grass.

Watering is vital to proper lawn maintenance and it should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon to prevent leaf scorch. Using a deep watering technique every 3 days, soaking the grass with one inch of water by using a watering hose or an irrigation system is better than watering lightly every day. Aside from watering, lawn grass needs to be fertilized and composted regularly to promote healthy growth.

Mow the grass before it gets too tall. There is a specific recommended height for the different grass species and cutting the grass at the right time will help give you a greener lawn. The green thumb rule for cutting grass is only removing 1/3 of the blade as if you cut of more, the ends will look burned and ragged plus the plant will have more difficulty producing chlorophyll. Keep your mover blades as sharp as possible to facilitate easier cutting and prevent damage to the grass which can be brought about by dull blades.

If you notice any large dry circular areas, there is a fungal disease. If there is a line of dead or brown grass, there is an insect infestation. If you notice any of these things or some other lawn problems you cannot identify, consult a lawn maintenance professional.

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  1. I am based in kenya and would love to know more about grass planting.This is one area that is still under utilized in this part of the world and i am willing to invest in it.The only thing i need to know are the basic which will help me plan and get to know if that grass can be done down here,then we will talk more about the correct seeds.We can arrange in future and talk on the phone but i think that it is an opportunity worth trying.I have been to Boston for some years and now iam back in kenya so i have an idea of what iam talking about.


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