How to Grow Taller

There are ways to get taller even if you are already an adult and are way past beyond the growth spurt years. People are short due to a number of reasons, such as hereditary factors, but there are many that did not get the maximum height attainable during their growing years because of lack of the proper dietary intake, improper sleep, or smoking. Here are some ways that you can grow taller no matter what age you are:

  1. Nutrition
    A balance diet adhering to the required intake dictated by the food pyramid will help an individual get taller, especially before they turn 21. To get an extra boost, take vitamins, B, C, and D, go on a high-protein diet, and add to it an intake of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc mineral supplements. Drink lots of water and fresh juices, and eat regular meals.
  2. Quality Sleep
    Getting the proper amount of sleep nightly will help promote growth. A good night’s sleep will help a person grow taller while allowing your body and brain to rest. Sleeping can also help repair and restore muscle tissues, and the deep breaths a person takes while asleep will bring oxygen to the body which will help a person have an easier time attaining an increase in height.
  3. Leg lengthening
    This is a surgical procedure that will add a few inches to the patient’s height. It is a painful process and the required recovery time is long. The cost of having cosmetic leg lengthening is rather high and there are only a few reliable medical centers that can do this kind of surgery.
  4. Exercise
    There are specific exercises that you can do to increase your height by one to two inches taller. Exercising routines may include stretching, and special spinal straightening techniques that will help a person get better posture as they grow taller. These kinds of exercises when done by a young person can have maximum results, as their growth hormone activity is peaked at this stage.
  5. HCG hormones
    The glands in the human body produce a certain type of hormone that is vital to promote growth. By tapping these glands and naturally inducing the release of the growth hormones, an adult can get the growth spurt that is easily achieved by a younger person because of the high level of the HCG hormone present. It is possible to stimulate the release of the HCG hormone by taking the HCG supplements, which is considered as one of the most effective ways to get a person to grow taller.
  6. Grow Taller Programs
    There is also a very popular “grow taller program” available online called Grow Taller 4 Idiots that has helped many people gain height and grow taller. There are also a lot of great “Grow Taller 4 Idiots reviews” online, however I haven’t any personal experience.

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