How to Have a Great Conversation

Great conversations are the cornerstone to a good relationship, whether it’s with a family member, a co-worker or someone you’re interested in the keys to having a great conversation are pretty much the same in every instance.

In order to have a great conversation, you need to be an active participant. Stay on topic and closely follow what the person that you are talking to is saying. The more information that you absorb, the easier it will be to contribute and the more you’ll learn about the person’s feelings regarding the topic – listening closely and responding with honest and valid points will make the conversation much more enjoyable and engaging for both parties.

If you want to have great conversations, it’s also important to mind your manners. Try to maintain control as the conversation rolls on and make an effort to wait until the other person is finished what they are saying before speaking – no one likes to be talked at or interrupted when they are trying to make a point.

Don’t let your mind wander as you are participating in a conversation with someone. Avoid daydreaming or getting involved in other activities while you are in the middle of a conversation. Turn off your MP3 player, don’t exchange texts your buddies and don’t get distracted by people that are passing by or things that are going on around you – remember that in order to have a great conversation, that you need two active participants.

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