How to Keep Bugs Out

There are a number of ways on how to keep bugs out. These pests and other insects may cause harm to your family as they bite and carry all sorts of germs. Learn how to keep bugs out easily. Here is a list of the proven methods:

Treat the perimeter of your home with pesticide. Food-grade diatomaceous earth and other similar pesticides can be powder-dusted in areas such as crawl spaces and the entry points such as windows and doors is one of the ways on how to keep bugs out. The pesticide label should be just say “Caution”. Extra care should be taken when using this method especially if you have pets.

Clean up your surroundings. Pests will proliferate when an area is unsanitary. Make sure all trash bins are well sealed. Dog poop and pet waste will attract flies. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the bugs away.

Ensure there is no stagnant water. Stagnant water in containers, old tires, or puddles are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. Insects love damp and moist areas so if there is a leaky pipe, the ground around it is where they will thrive. Level areas of the floor that constantly have puddles and cover any cracks that holds water.

Get rid of what attracts them in your home. Food left on the table, open trash bins, over-ripe fruit, and pet food are some of the things that insects will source out. Food must be covered. Fruits such as bananas and mangoes may be kept in the refrigerator when they are ripe and disposed of when overripe. Rubbish and food scraps have to be kept in well sealed containers and disposed of as soon as possible so that the rotting scent will not attract bugs.

Check your garden. Make an inspection of the plants around your home. There are some plants that bugs thrive in such as those with long and dropping wide leaves. You might notice that these kinds of plants have a lot of insects. If they are near your home, get rid of them. Prune other plants that touch the walls of your home so the bugs will have less areas to hide. Treat your plants with natural pesticides or get rid of the bugs manually by picking them out with a gloved hand and crushing them.

Protect the entrances of your home. A sure-fire way on how to keep bugs out is to make sure that they can’t come in. If there are cracks and crevices in your windows and doors, fill these in so the insects have no pathway. Inspect all wooden walls, wooden floors, doors, and windows, to see where the bugs might find a way into your house. Seal them out.

Repair old screens and install screens. Fix torn screens or replace them. Add new screens where needed. There is a new kind of screen that installs in minutes without the use of nails or screws. It serves a screen door that opens and shuts automatically as the center partition closes with the use of magnets. If you want a screen door for doorways, sliding doors, RVs, and campers, the Magic Mesh is the instant screen to use.

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Use these tips on how to keep bugs out to protect your home and family from insects. Clean up the surrounding, apply pesticides, fix your garden, get rid of what attracts the insects, ensure that there is no area where they will breed and thrive, repair screens, and install new screens. By using these methods, you surely will be able to keep the bugs out.

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