How to Keep Your Pets Safe

How to Keep Your Dog SafeTaking care of pets is a huge responsibility. Unlike children, they cannot verbalize and say what they want or need. There are many times in and around your home that you will not be able to monitor all the things that your pet does. To have peace of mind and ensure the safety of your pet, before even deciding to bring home a dog or a cat from the store, there are a few things you should do to make sure that your pet is safe:

Have adequate fencing. Unless you plan to keep your pet inside the house at all times, there might be a need to secure the yard area so they will not stray away. If you have a dog, make sure that the fencing is tall enough as there are some breeds that are very high jumpers.

Pet proof the house. Hide away all poisonous and toxic substances, cover electrical outlets, make sure that they have no access to trash bins and place safety gates in areas of the home that you do not want them to enter.

Provide them with clean drinking water. Stagnant water breeds bacteria and it maybe harmful to your pet. If they do not have enough water to drink, they will look for alternative sources like rain puddles or toilet water.

Place them on a leash. Though it may be nice to have your dog walk freely beside you, aside from adhering to the leash law, it would be safer to keep Fido by your side with a leash, especially during times that there is heavy traffic, to prevent them from scooting off.

Place on a collar. Pets need to use a collar for various reasons. The primary reason why is so that a leash can be attached. The second reason is for it to hold their I.D. tag, which usually engraved with the name of the dog, the owner’s name and contact details.

How to Keep Your Dog SafeThere are 3 different kinds of dog safety collars in the market today. The first type is a GPS locator collar, which has a tracking device. If your dog is lost, or you would like to be aware of where your pet is, by the use of your mobile device, you can get to see the location of your dog in a Google map. This high-tech tracking collar is especially needed if one of your major concerns is finding your dog.

The second type is a reflective collar. When placed around the neck of the dog, just like any ordinary collar, it will enable your to make your pet easier to find when they are hiding in dark places like under the bed, and will enhance their being visible when they are outside at night or in dark areas.

The third type is a lighted collar. This is a collar that has a light attached to it, and it will shine a bright LED light when activated from the neck area of the dog below it’s chin. It serves a numbers of purposes, the first of which is helping your dog to become highly visible when it is dark, so that you can easily see it. It also enables other people, like those in vehicles, to see that there is a dog even when they are still far away, and can greatly reduce the risk of your pet being run over at night. Aside from making your pet highly visible in the dark, it can also help your pet to see where they are going. The light will shine to a distance of 5 to 15 feet away. This unique safety device is Pup Light, and it is lightweight, water resistant and easy to place on.

Keeping your pet safe at all times may seem difficult to do, but it can be made easier by using these tips on how to keep them safe and using specially designed safety products. It is possible to greatly reduce the chances of your pet being poisoned, drinking unsafe water, getting lost or being a victim of a vehicular accident by taking preventive measures.

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