How to Kill Bed Bugs

bed bugsOne thing to bear in mind when finding out about the various methods about how to kill bed bugs is that it is necessary to put an end to bed bug eggs also. If a few bed bug eggs survive any of the bed bugs extermination methods for eradicating bed bugs, the cycle will go on. A combination of methods may be required if there is a heavy infestation. If the bed bugs can no longer be controlled, you may want to seek the help of professional bed bugs pest control services that would either use Vikane, Sterifab or other similar chemical, fumigation, or the cryonite freezing system for bed bug extermination.

Here are a list of the things that you can use to kill bed bugs:

Chemical bed bug sprays. These are typically toxic and cannot be used directly on the bedding area but will effectively kill bed bugs. The ones that contain pyrethrin as the active ingredient will work. These chemical bed bug sprays as a general rule do not totally kill bed bugs eggs.

Natural bed bug repellent. These either have low levels of toxicity or are safe. Though not as effective as chemical bed bug sprays, it will help to kill bed bugs and as a bed bug pest control by keeping them away. These contain natural pyrethrins and are available as liquids, powders or bed bug sprays.

Diatomaceous earth. These are dusted around the infected area and works by damaging the exoskeletons of the bed bugs to kill them. Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary rock that has been crushed to fine particles. This bed bug extermination particles has to be reapplied quite often for it to achieve maximum results.

Insecticidal soaps. These are typically organic and when the insect is covered with this bed bug pest control product, it will kill bed bugs by limiting the air intake, slow down their movement, and sometimes dissolve the exoskeletons. The dead bed bugs must be picked up and discarded.

Gentrol IGR concentrate. Hydroprene, the active ingredient of this bed bug spray. It must be used in combination with other bed bugs products to kill bed bugs. The primary purpose of Gentrol is to make the adult bed bug become sterile and no longer be able to reproduce. Gentrol alone does not kill bed bugs but it is an effective way to get stop their procreating for the next 4 months, requiring the reapplication of this bed bug pest control product for it to be able to stop the bed bug cycle.

bed bugsBedBug Out. One new bed bug extermination device works in a similar way to Gentrol and will be able to stop bed bugs from reproducing as it affects their system from the acoustic sound waves that make their small insect bodies vibrate. It is works by emitting ultrasonic sounds that will disrupt their normal function and shake them to the core. BedBug Out kills bed bugs even before they are born and is simply plugged into any wall socket to give an average sized room continuous bed bug pest control.

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