How to Kill Tent Caterpillars

Tent caterpillars can be quite a pest and consume the foliage of an entire tree. If you are a gardener and would like to kill tent caterpillars, there are a few ways that you can get rid of them without resorting to the use of chemicals. The main problem about using chemicals is that you will kill not only the bad insects but the good ones also. You will never get butterflies again in your garden as the chemicals for killing tent caterpillars will kill the caterpillars that should have become butterflies.

When you decide to start the war against tent caterpillars, you have to be prepared. It will not be a pleasant task and it might take sometime before you get an infestation down to a manageable level. When you have located their habitat, which are usually fruit trees, get your gear ready.

The things that you would need are protective clothing, rubber or plastic gloves, a long pole, insecticidal soap, sprayer and a garbage disposal bag. The clothes that you wear will prevent the tent caterpillars from directly touching your skin as you go through the elimination process. You might have to get a little more creativite on your part to find other tools to use to aid you in this task.

Are you ready? The best way to kill tent caterpillars is to squash them. Most gardeners choose this method to deal with bad insects as it is easy to use and can be done when they go about doing routine gardening tasks. You simply put on the gloves and place the insect on top of a hard surface to squash or place pressure on them with the use of your fingertips.

The pole is what you use to swat and bring them down if they are up high in a tree. When they are within reach, spray with insecticidal soap to slow them down. Squash all that you can and dispose of them properly. After you are done, spray some more insecticidal soap into the infested area. You may have to repeat the process within the next few days until the infestation is gone or at a manageable level.

Take note that you should not wait until the trees are swarming with them. As soon as you see a few clumped up together, get to the task right away. It may be unpleasant but squashing them is the best way to kill tent caterpillars.

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  1. I abhor those things, just give me the creeps, anyway read a couple yrs ago to use the long shooting wasp spray, works GREAT, don’t need to get close to them or suit up in armor, just shoot the nests,satuate it,and they will drop out….Dead. Did not harm the trees. and usually only needed 1application.

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