How to Know If Someone Is Lying

There are little white lies and big, tell-tale lies, and even extreme people who live their life entirely based on lying. There are many con artists out in the world, and aside from these, there are more deceitful people who will give you a straight-face lie while laying down a trap for you. Since you can’t go around lugging a lie detector, there are some other ways that you will know that someone is lying.

You can protect yourself from a lot of trouble and avoid having either your wallet getting ripped off or your heart being played around with. There are some people that have a ‘gut feeling’ that someone is lying to them, but not everybody has that kind of inner intuition. There is a more systematic way to find out if someone is lying that does not depend on your emotions which may not always be able to correctly detect the lie.

There is one way to catch a liar and this is can be done by asking them a question that you know the answer to. Since the liar will be placed in a spot and be forced to answer, you will be able to confirm your suspicions. This cannot be done in a lot of situations, but there are still some other ways for you to detect deceit.

Law enforcement officials have developed interrogation tactics that are proven to be highly effective in breaking down the barriers until a liar will admit the truth. The interrogation process will segregate the person to be subjected to a series of hard and fast questions that will be repeated. Oftentimes, persuasive tactics are used or the person being interrogated will be cornered and pressured until they reveal the truth.

These law enforcement officials know when a person is lying because they have a lot of experience, listen carefully to the answers, pay close attention to details, and have the opportunity to place the person to be questioned in an interrogation room. They do not rely on their feelings to know when to place on the pressure, and as the person constantly repeats the lie, denying things, the law enforcement officer will observe the body language that will make them sure, that at the point in time, the person is lying outright, ready to break down, and confess.

Since these interrogation tactics are not applicable in everyday situations, you can find out if a person is lying by studying how to read the body language. Owners of top corporations have studied the art of body language and use their knowledge to know when to close transactions and find out more about the people they deal with just by observing them. They are capable of analyzing a person, not just by the words that are spoken, but on what the movements are.

It is possible to be able to detect deceit by studying and mastering the art of reading body language. You will no longer have to base your opinion if the person is lying on assumptions. You will be able to see and understand by the way a person moves if you are being lied to or not.

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